Prepared and Confident

Massive congrats to our client Haley from Ireland on finishing 3:13:51 at the Dublin Marathon!! She writes,

“After finishing the Paris marathon (my second marathon) earlier this year in 3:20:04 I felt I’d gone as far as I could on my own so decided to get in touch with the marathon training academy.

Coach Nicole said she had the perfect coach in mind for me and paired me with MTA Coach Kris.

As coach Kris and I started working together from a recovery period post race, I found that incredibly helpful. I was unsure what a down time period should look like. I didn’t want to lose all my fitness but equally didn’t want to overtrain so I could be in the best place to start the training block for my next goal race, the Irish Life Dublin marathon on 29 Oct 2023. I had a really clear goal of running 3:15.

I have a habit of signing up to too many events at all kinds of distances but coach Kris taught me the respect you need for a distance, and of being sure of your goals. If your goal is to improve your marathon time, be laser focused on that. It really helped me start to take things a bit more seriously (whilst still having fun).

What I loved about the training schedule was the flexibility. I wanted to run everyday so coach Kris scheduled that for me and told me to rest whenever I felt I needed it. I was also able to keep my weekly social track session and all my social runs.

By the time Dublin came around, I felt prepared and confident. I’d never experienced that before, being on the start line and knowing the plan. Of course marathons throw up all sorts, but I enjoyed Dublin more than any race. Coach Kris said the goal was to feel good for as long as possible and I truly felt amazing until mile 21 when the dig-deep mode began 😂

Crossing the finish line in 3:13:51 I was so elated I sobbed. But honestly even if I hadn’t smashed my goal time, I enjoyed the build up and the race so much, I’m thrilled and can’t wait to get going with training for Boston 2024.

Thanks so much to my amazing Coach Kris and the MTA! You do great things for people” ❤️. -Haley

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