Dual Disk Knee Support

Maintaining healthy knees is essential for runners of all sizes and abilities. For so many runners that regularly battle with the dreaded runner’s knee, this can be especially vital. Let’s talk about knee support gear.

Like running shoes, for some runners the difference between knee support gear can vary widely from one product to another. The right fit for you can be influenced by a variety of factors such as your height and weight‚ your pronation‚ and experience as a runner‚ and so on. These factors notwithstanding‚ all runners can benefit from better knee support when it comes to running.

The Complexity of the Knee

The knee is a very complex part of the human body. A concentration of bone‚ muscle‚ and nerves in one epicenter‚ the knee is also subject to immense weight and stress each day as it supports the upper body in movement and motion. The pressure placed upon the knee is amplified when running‚ so it is no surprise many joggers and runners develop knee problems. This is especially so when there are existing challenges with a runner’s weight‚ pronation‚ or another factor that raises the odds of damage to the knee‚ beyond the ongoing risk of acquiring a running injury generally.

Common features of knee support products

Knee support products can work in a variety of ways‚ but there are common features throughout all products on the market. Knee support braces can help you maintain good posture while you run and reduce inflammation and swelling. It shall also reduce risk of injury beyond your knee (as proper use of your knees shall minimize risk to your feet‚ ankles‚ and other body parts.

Dual disk knee support

For readers who are yet to feel they’ve found the perfect knee support accessory, seeking out a knee brace with dual disk hinge is a wise idea. After all, your knee has multiple disks, so a knee brace that works in complement to this makes sense. A dual disk is also good for runners who may seek knee support when undertaking cross training and other sports, as it can protect your knee against contact and impact pressure. Finally‚ a dual disk brace can also be good for helping you build a rhythm running. While any knee support will help‚ non-disk gear can feel constrictive and rigid.  This is not a problem with dual disk products‚ as the support will move and ‘flow’ with your legs through each step and stride.


At the end of the day, finding the perfect running accessories is a lot like finding the perfect running form. It can take time, patience, and a bit of trial and error. So, consider your running style, the sort of knee support that may best fit you, and then seek out the product that shall best match it accordingly. By taking the time to find the right accessory for your knee support, you’ve taken a big step to ensure your next run will be easier, more comfortable, and speedier than ever.

Nurse Susan has always been passionate about helping people heal. After she retired from a lifelong career as a nurse, that passion didn’t go away. She loves to use her expertise to write about the best ways to keep you and your family healthy, active, and happy.

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