Interview with Claire Bartholic, The Planted Runner

In this podcast episode we speak with plant-based runner and fellow podcaster Claire Bartholic.

Claire explains how she took an hour off her marathon time to ultimately run a PR of 2:58 at the age of 42! What are the keys that allowed her to make such a dramatic improvement in the marathon? Let’s find out!

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Claire Bartholic is a Certified Running Coach and Sports Nutrition Specialist, host of The Planted Runner Podcast. From Claire’s bio, “She started running in her mid-30s simply to get in shape for her high school reunion. . . But something changed in her as the miles slowly added up. The reunion came and went and she kept running.”

Here are the questions we asked Claire,

  1. How did you get started as a runner?
  2. What led you to run your first marathon? How did that go?
  3. What were the keys for you to go from a 4:02 marathoner to running a 2:58 marathon?
  4. How did you start following a plant-based eating plan?
  5. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
  6. What would you say to the runner who is plant-based curious? Does it have to be all in to see results or are there ways to incorporate more plant based meals without going vegan?
  7. It’s not just enough to put in the training (although following a proper training plan is important). How does mindset play a key role in running success?
  8. You’re a master’s runner (over 40). Do you think there’s anything that master’s runners need to be doing differently when it comes to success at the marathon distance?
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