The Practice of Groundedness with Brad Stulberg

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In this episode we speak with Brad Stulberg who is a performance coach and author of the book The Practice of Groundedness -a transformative path to success that feeds not crushes your soul.

Interview with Brad Stulberg

Brad is the author of The Practice of Groundedness as well as Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox.

He also writes for a number of publications, has a coaching business, and lives with his family in Ashville, North Carolina. He’s an avid outdoor enthusiast, reader, and has a strength training practice.

Groundedness is unwavering internal strength and self-confidence that sustains you through ups and downs. It is a deep reservoir of integrity and fortitude, of wholeness, out of which lasting performance, well-being, and fulfillment emerge.

In this interview we start with the problem of heroic individualism and what that means. Then we cover the six practices of groundedness:

Being Present
Deep Community

We especially enjoyed Brad’s take on seeing your running as a physical ‘practice’.  Remember, the path is the goal and the goal is the path!

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