What Are The Best Exercises to Build a Strong Core?

Published on November 30th 2023

The core refers to deep abdominal and back muscles attached to the spine. In simpler words, it’s the torso. And since the torso is what powers all the movements of our body, it’s important to strengthen its muscles.

However, building a strong core is not an overnight process. You must do workouts for several months. Even if you choose the most effective way, like an ab wheel to strengthen your core, it’s going to take at least four weeks.

All of this requires dedication, motivation, and, most importantly, consistency. If you think you have these qualities, then this post is for you. Read ahead to learn the best exercises to build a strong core!

Why Should You Strengthen Your Core?
A strong core doesn’t just mean having well-defined abs; it involves the deep muscles of the abdomen, back, pelvis, and even the hips. These muscles work together to provide a stable base for almost all bodily movements.

So, when your core is strong, it acts as a central link between your upper and lower body. This facilitates better coordination and balance. Whether you’re lifting a heavy object, bending to tie your shoes, or participating in sports, a strong core ensures that your movements are efficient and less prone to injury.

Moreover, a stable core supports your spine, which reduces the risk of back pain and discomfort. It helps maintain proper posture and prevents slouching or hunching, which can strain the back muscles and lead to chronic pain.

4 Best Exercises to Build a Strong Core

1. Plank
This exercise engages multiple muscles simultaneously. Start by positioning your body the way we do in push-ups. Your weight should be supported by the toes and forearms. Also, your body should form a straight line.

There should be no arching as you stiffen your muscles. Look at a specific spot that should be a foot above your hands. Maintain this pose for at least 20 seconds before relaxing your muscles. Make several repetitions per set.

2. Dead Bug
First, lie down with your back firmly pressed against the floor. Make sure you aren’t applying too much pressure, as it can strain the lower back muscles. Instead, focus on keeping your back relaxed but straight.

It’s recommended to use a mat or towel for support. Then, extend both of your arms toward the ceiling such that the elbows are aligned with the shoulders. Now, raise your knees above the hips. This should create a 90-degree angle.

Once you have achieved this position, lower the right arm and left leg simultaneously towards the ground. Return to the initial position and repeat the exercise with alternate sides. Make three sets of 10 repetitions.

3. Bicycle Crunches
Bicycle crunches can be really difficult for beginners. It engages 3 major muscles; the obliques, hip flexors, and rectus abdominis. So, you should start with a set of 15 to 20 crunches per day and then gradually increase it to 4+ sets.

To do this, lie down on a yoga mat or towel. Place both of your hands behind the head and raise your knees towards the chest. They should be creating a 90-degree angle.

Now, extend one of the legs and try to touch the other knee with the opposite elbow. This should rotate your torso and stress your core muscles. Repeat with alternate sides.

4. Bird Dog
For this exercise, you need to place your hands directly under the shoulders. Meanwhile, your knees should be aligned with the hips and your back should be straight. This is also called a tabletop pose.

Now, extend one of your arms and legs in the opposite direction. For example, if you are moving the right arm forward, the left leg should move backward at the same time. Maintain this pose for up to 30 seconds before alternating sides.

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