Tribute to Ultrarunner David Clark

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Trevor and ultra runner David Clark 2015

In this episode we remember David Clark, ultrarunner, dad, coach, and author of the book Out There -A Story of Ultra Recovery. David was an inspiration to thousands around the world and a former guest on the MTA Podcast back in 2015.

We recently heard the news that David unexpectedly died on May 21, 2020 from complications after having back surgery to correct a herniated disc. He was 49 years old. There is a Go Fund Me page set up to raise money for his medical and funeral expenses if you’d like to join us in donating.

Tribute to Ultrarunner David Clark

At 320 pounds David decided that he needed to do something radical to transform his health. The most radical thing that he could think of was running the Denver Marathon. He decided to start with a 5k and work up from there. When he started he could only run for 20 seconds.

In this interview replay you will hear David speak about the positive things he repeatedly told himself as he trained for his first marathon and lost 130 pounds. You will also hear about how he got into running ultra marathons and how he believes that most of our limits are largely self-imposed.

David went on to start the foundation We Are Superman because he believed that most of our limits are largely self-imposed. He did many ultra running events through the years, pursued mountain biking and MMA, and became a health coach to people looking to radically change their lives. According to MMA Today, running is the perfect conditioning exercise for MMA as it’s a self-limiting exercise and is a natural form of interval training.

Among his many adventures, David did ten epic events in one year to celebrate his tenth year of sobriety. This mind-bending year of running included running the Boston Marathon four times in one day, running 343 laps around a high school track, running 48 hours on a treadmill, and doing the Badwater 135 race. He was also the father of three.

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