Interview with Tom Foreman -Runner, Dad, and Reporter at CNN

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Tom Foreman is a journalist, anchor, and reporter for CNN.

He’s author of the new book My Year of Running Dangerously – a Dad, A Daughter, and a Ridiculous Plan.

As an out-of-shape 50 year old ex-runner he took up the challenge from his daughter to train for the Atlanta Marathon.

This was the spark that has set Tom’s running on fire!

Interview with Tom Foreman

  1. During your year of running dangerously you went from zero to four half marathons, three marathons, and one tough 55 mile ultra. Take us back to the beginning, what launched this strange odyssey?
  2. What kind of shape were you in when your daughter challenged you to train for the Atlanta Marathon?
  3. What was the most intimidating part?
  4. You and your daughter, Ronnie, ran the Atlanta Marathon together, which was her first marathon. What was it like running with your daughter?
  5. You talked about taking your training seriously this time. What are some of the things that you did right?
  6. There’s a place in the book where your daughter says, “running a marathon isn’t that hard, doing it without the rest of your life falling apart that’s the real challenge”. Any tips for balancing marathon training and work?
  7. Do you find it hard to not make running the topic of all conversations?
  8. Talk about the chatter that goes on in your head while running an ultra.
  9. What are some of the races you’ve done recently?
  10. How far are you away from running a Boston qualifying time?
  11. What do you tell people who ask “Why are you doing this?”

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photo credit: E. M. Pio Roda / CNN


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