From Injured to 3rd Female Overall

Big congrats to our client Stephanie Housley who finished as the 3rd female at the Run the Red 50k in Wyoming! She writes,

“Hello! First, thank you all so much for all the amazing things you help others accomplish through hosting your podcast and creating this phenomenally supportive and inspiring community at MTA!! Love it!!

At the beginning of 2023 I decided I would like to run an ultra. I had only ever done 1/2 marathons, and only about 10 of those!

I began training on my own, and got a stress fracture and severely inflamed tendons from over training. It was painful even to walk so I had to pause running entirely.

Deciding to get a coach

When I began to train again, the pain came back and I had to cancel a half marathon my father in law and I signed up for this summer.

I had just listened to the awesome episode 410 with Ask the Coach Q&A with Angie & Nicole, during which there was an offer to schedule a free 30 min call with Coach Nicole. I knew that was exactly what I needed to do- get a coach!

Coach Nicole was SO NICE AND WONDERFUL- I so appreciated being able to connect with her. She advised I work with awesome Coach Carri.

Coach Carri and I had a super lengthy get to know you call and she immediately got to work on a far better training plan for me.

Inspired, happy and injury free

In just over 3 months I went from unable to do a half marathon to winning 3rd female overall in my first 50km!!!

Coach Carri got me there, inspired, happy and injury free!! My only goals were to not get injured and to do what I needed to do to enjoy it so that I would continue on this path. Mission accomplished!!

Coach Carri and I are already working on my next race training plan, a 60 km in February!

Even if you are a super disciplined runner, there is nothing like having a coach to connect with that creates a tailor made training plan just for you. I highly recommend it!!!!

Thanks again Coach Carri and the entire MTA team and community!” -Stephanie Housley

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