Importance of Running for Elementary Students

Physical education is crucial for the development of elementary students. Elementary students involved in running/exercise have a lower risk of suffering from chronic disease, obesity, diabetes, and depression. It might even help them get to sleep faster. As per one study, exercises including running resulted in quick sleep and improved sleeping time. The more you exercise, the more you are in need of sleep. Therefore, after running, you won’t travel across your bed trying to fall asleep.

Other ways running is good for Elementary Students . . .

Strengthens immunity.
As per one study, running has been linked to improving the body’s defense response to many diseases and reducing the risk of suffering from respiratory infections.

Enlarges brain volume.
Elementary students who regularly proceed with running activities improve their cognitive function, and increase brain volume which is helpful for studying.

Promotes good self-esteem.
As was hinted above, running improves willpower. Therefore, an elementary student may conquer all the other challenging tasks.

It might even help students have more focus when it comes time to write papers. Exercise helps the brain work better in gathering arguments, research, and facts for any paper.

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Running and Studying
Another good thing about running is its ability to clear the mind.

Whenever an elementary student feels bored or lazy about writing papers or learning something, he/she should go for a run or other outside activity. It helps to refresh the mind.

The good news for kids is that running doesn’t have to be an expensive sport. Just keep it simple at first. You will want to purchase a good pair of running shoes for them. If you’ve never done so, take your kid to a specialty running store and have your feet and gait evaluated by a professional. A pair of good fitting running shoes is going to prevent some of the possible injuries that come from the wrong shoes and greatly increase the comfort.

Get some good socks for the kid, not cotton socks. First, cotton doesn’t breathe very well and will cause heat to build up inside the socks. This heat combined with friction can leave some nasty blisters. There are many types of technical fabrics used to make good running socks. Look for an acrylic, polyester, bamboo, or wool blend. There is a huge variety of great inexpensive socks out there, so find some that you like.

A third important item is a watch that has stop-watch capabilities. You can even get one at the dollar store. You can get fancy and get one with a heart rate monitor, GPS, and all the bells and whistles for $100 and up, but only if you have money to burn.

When you first begin running expect a little soreness and tenderness. This is usually only temporary and doesn’t lead to injury. Like I said earlier, even though you may feel like it, you are almost certainly not going to die. In fact, runners have a 50% less chance of heart attacks than non-exercisers. It is more dangerous to sit in front of your television. Your heart is a muscle and if you don’t exercise it you will have a weak and flabby heart. Your heart will be strengthened along with your skeletal muscles as you run. WARNING: if you experience unusual shortness of breath, arm or neck tightness especially on the left side, nausea, and a cold sweat call 911 immediately. These are signs of a heart attack. Thankfully this is very rare, but your non-exercising friends will be sure to point out all the cases of people who have died while running.

You will want to start the training out slowly. Each person gets in shape individually so don’t compare onesself to others. Remember correct running form and be sure to follow basic running safety. Always run facing traffic (left side of the road) and make eye contact with drivers if possible.

Wear reflective gear if you will be running in low light. Make sure you find a running schedule and route that works for you. You may want to begin by running three days per week at first. If you are new to running, first make sure you can walk continuously for 30 minutes.

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