My Running Skirt Reviews

Angie_Garmin_MarathonDuring my 14th marathon I started to get annoyed with my running shorts. In the warm weather they kept riding up in the middle and I was focusing undue attention on yanking them into place. These Race Ready shorts have been my go-to shorts for races because of their unparalleled ability to hold fuel and accessories. However the time had come to try something new.

I know I’m way behind the running skirt bandwagon but I have been admiring how cute they are and have been influenced by women who say they’ll never go back to shorts. After my recent shorts angst I decided to test out some running skirts.

Late one night I sat at my computer reading reviews of dozens of running skirts. I knew the “perfect” skirt would have to be one to accommodate my large thighs and be on the longer side of the spectrum so that my confidence level didn’t take a total nose dive.

I ended up ordering four running skirts and evaluated them on fit, appearance, undershorts, storage (pockets), and price on a scale of 0-5 (zero being horrible and five being excellent).

Running Skirt Ratings and Reviews

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Lulemon Pace Setter Skirt Tall: Overall evaluation 4/5

I first tested this skirt during the Garmin Marathon. I broke the cardinal rule of not wearing anything new on race day, but I figure after 15 marathons I have the right to break a few rules.

  • Fit: This skirt has a universally flattering fit. The waistband is thick and comfortable with a drawstring for adjustability. The fabric is lightweight, moisture wicking and cool and there was no chaffing. The fit is good but you may want to order a size down. 5/5
  • Appearance: Let me just say that this skirt is cute, cute, cute. I love the ruffles in the back and the pleating gives you extra room to move. I bought this skirt in black even though it comes in a large variety of colors. The front length is 13.25 inches and it’s a little longer in the back at 14.25 inches. I ordered the tall version of the Pace Setter Skirt for the longer length. It also comes in a shorter length (12.25 front and 13.25 back). 5/5
  • Undershorts: The built in shorts are approximately 4 inches in length and have a sticky elastic on the hem to keep them in place. In reality, the shorts rolled up in the first mile and I gave up on tugging them down. Once I resigned myself to the fact that they would just have to stay rolled up it didn’t bother me anymore. 2/5
  • Storage: This skirt could improve its storage capabilities. It had one secure zipper pocket on the back waistband and two inner gel pockets. I ended up wearing my SPI belt so that I could fit all my marathon fuel comfortably. 4/5
  • Price: At $58 this is a moderately priced skirt. This company makes quality clothing so I think it will hold up well for the price. 4/5

Moving Comfort Momentum Skort– Overall evaluation: 4.2/5
I tested this skirt on some shorter to medium length runs of 5-8 miles.

  • Fit: This is a comfortable skirt that runs true to size. It has a 2 inch wide waistband that sits lower on the hips. The fabric is a tight knit mesh and wicks well. It provides good freedom of movement. The skirt does ride up a little while running. 4/5
  • Appearance: I ordered the black and white urban stripe. This skirt has a cute sporty look and a 14.5 inch length. 4/5
  • Undershorts: The undershorts have a 5 inch length and have a inner gripper elastic to hold them in place. The shorts are snug and actually stay in place. The crotch has a double layer liner and there was no chaffing or binding. 5/5
  • Storage: This skirt has good storage capacity with two leg stash pockets on the undershorts and two mesh pockets on the sides of the skirt. I haven’t tested anything more than gels in these pockets so I don’t know how secure they would be for keys or a room card. 4/5
  • Price: At $50 this skirt is moderately priced. 4/5

Sugoi Verve Long Skirt– Overall evaluation: 4.2/5
I tested this skirt on some runs of 5-7 miles in length.

  • Fit: This skirt is very lightweight and cool with a wide comfortable waistband. It didn’t get heavy or cumbersome even in the rain. The skirt’s slight flare allows for ease of movement. The front rode up a little in the wind but the back stayed down very well. I ordered a medium and it seemed true to size. 5/5
  • Appearance: This skirt has a longer length of 16 inches and is very attractive (at first glance you might not know it was a running skirt). It has a small flower design on the lower right side and is slightly flared with scalloped side slits. 5/5
  • Undershorts: The undershorts are made of a moisture wicking fabric with a boxer brief cut of approximately 4 inches in length. They are comfortable and stay in place. 5/5
  • Storage: The storage in this skirt is its weak link. There is only one pocket which would fit 1-2 gels. 2/5
  • Price: At $50 this is a moderately priced skirt. 4/5

Pearl Izumi Ultra Skirt– Overall evaluation: 3.2/5
I tested this skirt on some shorter to medium length runs.

  • Fit: The Pearl Izumi Ultra Skirt is made of a comfortable Transfer Dry fabric that is lightweight and dries quickly. The fabric is so lightweight that the skirt flies up a little during running. The seams are comfortable and the waistband has a drawstring for optimum fit. 4/5
  • Appearance: This skirt has a different appearance. The seam doesn’t lay flat where it attaches the skirt to the undershorts giving it a slightly bunched appearance. The front length is 12 inches and the back is 15 inches. 2/5
  • Undershorts: The undershorts are a full coverage brief with crotch lining. The shorts rode up slightly creating a mild wedgie effect which was slightly annoying. 3/5
  • Storage: This skirt is awesome when it comes to storage. It has a patented Gel Flask Pocketing System with one large zippered back pocket and two small side slash pockets. This is one skirt that could handle my marathon fuels. 5/5
  • Price: At $70 this is a higher priced skirt. 2/5

I will definitely be wearing running skirts more for marathons. I don’t know if I’ll retire my trusty Race Ready shorts completely, but some of these skirts have given them a run for their money. I’d encourage you to read various reviews before you invest in a skirt so that you get the best one for your body type.

Happy running!

10 Responses to My Running Skirt Reviews

  1. Debra May 10, 2013 at 5:02 am #

    Angie, Welcome to the world of the skirt! I converted to skirt wearing about two years ago and haven’t looked back. I absolutely LOVE the compression shorts under the skirts and the distinctly feminine feel and cuteness of the outer skirt. When I stretch after a run I never have to worry about being immodest.

    If you have never tried Skirt Sports, I really encourage you to give them a try. I own two styles of of their skirts — the Gym Girl Ultra and the Happy Girl Skirt. They both have long shorts under the skirts (their Marathon Girl skits only have built in undies but I need the thigh coverage to avoid chafing) and I have NEVER had them ride up. I have ‘shapely’ thighs and was worried they might ride, but they don’t.

    The Happy Girls skirt is longer than the Gym Girl Ultra. Often I catch GREAT sales on their website ( and normally pay less than $30 per skirt. They offer free shipping on orders over $125 and all of the orders I’ve placed (after my first order) have come with codes for free shipping for future orders.

    I just placed an order yesterday and even got a few skirts for my daughters (17yo and 13yo) who have joined me in this running adventure.

    Recently they had a warehouse sale and I wish I lived in Colorado and not Florida (or at least was visiting for the sale!) because I would have loved to scoured their shelves.

    • Angie May 11, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

      Hey Debra. I appreciate the info on the running skirts from Skirt Sports. I’ll definitely have to try the ones you mentioned (after Trevor forgives me for ordering all the above mentioned skirts) 🙂 It’s awesome that your girls are running now too. Happy running all!

  2. Sandi May 14, 2013 at 7:40 am #

    I agree with Debra, you should definitely give Skirt Sports a try – they come in by fun prints too! You can also find them at rock-bottom prices on Sierra Trading posts website (even the Capri & tight versions.)

    • Angie May 17, 2013 at 11:07 am #

      Sandi- Thanks for the tips on getting the Skirt Sports products on sale. I can see I might have a growing running skirt addiction and will need to save some money! 🙂

  3. Diane May 16, 2013 at 8:54 pm #

    I have recently fallen in love with Sparkle Tech skirts The tech ones have huge pockets on the legs — I keep my phone, gels, chapstick, etc. in there. They also have a zippered pocket in the waistband perfect for a key/cards. Ihave run 2 half marathons in mine with no riding up at all.

    Thanks for your reviews on these!

    • Angie May 17, 2013 at 11:08 am #

      Hi Diane- Thanks for sharing your experience with the Sparkle skirts. I’ve seen people wearing these for races and always wondered where they got them. I looked at the site and they have tons of cute options and prints. Fun, fun!

  4. Sharon May 23, 2013 at 11:11 am #

    I’ve been wanting to try a running skirt for a little while, but I always end up buying capris because they help protect against the chafing I experience on my thighs. Thanks for the post!

    • Angie May 23, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

      Hey Sharon. I was actually expecting thigh chaffing and it’s been fairly mild and usually only around the shorts seam. I always use an anti-chaffing product on my inner thighs for long runs to be proactive. There are running skirts that are made to go over capris too, so there is that option as well. Happy running!

  5. Dani May 23, 2013 at 11:49 am #

    Look how cute you look, Angie! I totally want to be you when I grow up-except the me version wearing cute running clothes, not the single white female version!

    I never saw a running skirt as cute as the first one. I totally need it!

    • Angie May 23, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

      Thanks Dani 🙂 The Lulemon Pace Setter skirt seems to be universally flattering. I’ve seen others wear it and always admire how they look.

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