Mission Accomplished! First Marathon

Congrats to our client Meg who ran her first marathon in 4:10:21!! She writes,

“I’m excited to say that I complete my first marathon!

After 18 weeks of training and with the help of Coach Kris i went into the LA marathon weekend feeling confident and excited to see what i was capable of. I know people say marathons are hard. But y’all…. This was hard!

While my body was in prime shape to perform my mind had other ideas. Like at mile 16 when the course ran past my house and my subconscious said “hey, isn’t your couch in there?”.

From that point on the mental fight was on. I focused on the amazing crowds and repeated to myself “| can, I will” until i made it to the other side of the “the wall”.

Before i knew it i was through the ~1000 feet of elevation gain and crossing the finish line. I was standing upright, smiling and had all toenails intact!

While my goal of sub 4 didn’t pan out (i finished in 4:10:21). I didn’t sign up for this chasing a time. I signed up to push my limits. Mission accomplished! Thank you to the amazing MTA community and great resources.

I’m definitely hooked and have a time to beat now. Cheers to the next one!” -Meg

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