Mental Strategies for Conquering the Long Run

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Your body will not be prepared to go the distance unless it has the full support and encouragement of your mind and will. mentalstategies

Having an arsenal of mental tools is vital because the race is at least 50% physical and 50% mental.

Training the mind is vitally important and can be attained through visualizing success, affirmations, and blocking the negative.

Here are some keys to unlock your mental motivation for getting through the long runs.

I love this quote by John Hanc, “Finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement.  It’s a state of mind that says anything is possible.” 

Are you ready to get into the right state of mind for conquering the long run?

  1. First, tap into your payoff factor (the reason you are running).  Remember you are changing your life, shaping your body, achieving your dreams, and inspiring your family and friends.  
  2. Build your base and schedule your race!  Put it on the calendar and tell everybody about it.  This will motivate you to actually do it..
  3. Stop all that negative self talk.  Believe in yourself.  You Da’ Man! 
  4. Find a mantra or short phrase that helps you stay focused and centered.  “I am fast, I am light, I am strong!”
  5. Coach yourself through bouts of discomfort.  Your body will do what your mind tells it to do.  
  6. Find a running partner to help boost your motivation.  
  7. Break the course into smaller segments and only focus on one at a time.  Just get through the next mile . . . and then do it again.  
  8. Listen to our podcast while you run or something else that occupies the mind.
  9. Think creatively while you run.  Plan your vacation, dream up a novel, or think about what you would do with a million dollars.
  10. Imagine the finish line.  Envision yourself as smooth, graceful, strong, and relaxed.  See the spectators cheering you on and your family and friends proudly watching you run.  Feel the medal being placed around your neck.

As you develop mental discipline during these long runs you’ll come to look forward to these opportunities to get in your head and think. 

Some of my best ideas and plans have come when I’m out running, free from the distraction of the phone, computer, and other people.

Now I would like to hear one of your strategies for getting through a long run.

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