Training and consistency made a HUGE difference on marathon day!

Congrats to our coaching client Marie-Eve on finishing her first marathon in 3:52! She ran the Yellowknife Marathon in the Northwest Territories of Canada. She said,

“I was extremely happy with my first marathon and was able to achieve my time objective! Training and consistency over the last three months definitely made a HUGE difference on marathon day!

I very much enjoyed training with MTA Coach Kristyn! She prepared an excellent training program and was always so quick to respond to all of my questions.

Her training program was very well adapted to my level and body – I didn’t have any injuries or body pains during the program and felt great on marathon day. I learned a lot over the summer!

This was definitely a journey… I learned more about my running capabilities, my body, the various run types, etc. I had a couple of conversations with Coach Kristyn (and many email correspondences) which truly contributed to my running training and journey.

I had a great experience with the Marathon Training Academy and am so grateful that you, and Coach Kristyn supported me in this marathon journey. I am definitely promoting and recommending MTA to other runners! -Marie-Eve

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