“Live Long and Prosper” -Interview with Lisa Tamati

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In this podcast episode we speak with Lisa Tamati -endurance athlete, author, and mindset expert. And in the quick tip segment, recommendations on healthy snacks to help keep your hunger in check between meals.

Lisa Tamati is probably New Zealand’s best known ultra runner. She’s been on the scene for 25 years running the toughest endurance events in the world like the Marathon des Sables and The Badwater 135. The list of her accomplishments is extensive, she’s done over 140 ultra-marathons.

She’s also candid about her struggles with self esteem, body image, depression, and anxiety, forcing her to learn how to keep pushing the limits. Enjoy!

Mentioned in This Episode

Lisa Tamati website: www.lisatamati.com

Lisa’s new book: Relentless: How a mother and daughter defied the odds

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