Interview with Joe De Sena – Founder of the Spartan Race

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In this episode we talk with Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena about his new book Spartan Up – a Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles And Achieving Peak Performance.

Joe’s Bio:
Joe De Sena is the founder of Spartan Race the world’s leading obstacle race series with events taking place all over the planet. In addition to being an accomplished businessman, he is a hard core ultra endurance athlete. He and his wife and their four children make their home in Vermont.

Interview Questions:

  1. The book has many stories and insights from your own personal adventures, can you tell us about a few of the craziest races you have done?
  2. In the book you talk about resetting one’s frame of reference, talk about why this is so important.
  3. What was your inspiration for starting Spartan Races?
  4. How do Spartan races work and how are they different from other obstacle races?
  5. Going back to the ancient Greek Spartans, what about their culture do you most admire?
  6. I liked what you had to say about obstacle immunity. Can you explain this concept to our audience?
  7. Talk to us about how you have incorporated Spartan principles in raising your children.
  8. In the book you talk about the importance of delayed gratification (not taking the cookie) how has this contributed to your success?
  9. When it comes to making quick decisions you talk about the rule of upside/downside – explain how this process works.
  10. While training is important, how much of the ability to tackle big endurance challenges comes down to mental strength and determination?
  11. You did the Badwater135, Lake Placid Ironman, and the Vermont 100 in the same week. Do you have any tips for proper recovery?
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