Interview with Dr. Jason Karp -Finding Your Inner Runner

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Jason Karp has a PhD in exercise physiology and is the author of the new book The Inner Runner.

In this episode we talk about the importance of hammering out a personal philosophy of running and other fascinating topics.


Interview Questions for Jason Karp

  1. Take us back to the beginning, how did you develop an interest in running?
  2. What was your PhD dissertation?
  3. Any tips on effective breathing on a run?
  4. Is high altitude training useful for runners?
  5. Are you a contrarian on any other issues?
  6. Why is there such a disparity of opinion on many things in the sports nutrition world?
  7. What are some of the big take-a-ways from the book The Inner Runner?
  8. Why do we think differently when we run slow?
  9. Do you think every person has an inner runner?
  10. Why is it hard for some people to call themselves a runner?
  11. The book explores the many answers to the question “why do we run”? What are some of the answers you’ve heard as it relates to this question?
  12. How are our human bodies especially adapted for running long distances?
  13. How important is it for people to develop a philosophy of running?
  14. What are some of the biggest benefits running has on our physical health?
  15. Any practical tips on how one can improve their running performance?

Also Mentioned in This Episode

Website of Jason Karp –

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Shout Out!

Hi Angie and Trevor, During the last twenty weeks as I’ve been
 training for my first marathon, using Angie’s Beginner Marathon plan. I did most of my training in the early mornings before my kids (4!) got up and the days got busy.

The morning of the Marathon it was quite fresh until the 10k point when in it started raining for the rest of the race. The trails I was running on quickly turned to mud and as I got soaked and ran through puddles, I realised my five hour time goal was going to be missed and I battled my own mind just after the halfway point and found myself struggling to run for more than a few kilometres at a time.

My family had been so kind and were driving to meet and cheer me on at checkpoints throughout the race which kept me going, as well as remembering what you guys always say, “Your first marathon is about just finishing, injury free.” I knuckled down and pushed really hard and was able to finish strong in 5.12.55. I’m so proud to have run my first Marathon and after an easy few weeks of recovering I am already planning my next one! Thank you so much to you both.

I really appreciate the training plan that got me so far and for continuing to push me. I did run a marathon and it has changed my life!! -Kym from Victoria, Australia.

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