Interview with Marshall Ulrich

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Marshall Ulrich is a legendary endurance athlete. He has finished 124 ultra marathons, crossed Death Valley on foot 24 times, climbed to the summit of Everest, and taken on many other insane challenges.

At age 57 he ran across the United States -3,063 miles in 52 days. He is author of the book, Running on Empty – an ultramarathoner’s story of love, loss, and a record-setting run across America.

You can see him run across the USA in the video below

One way I deal with the pain is to embrace it, to realize that it also presents a gift: profound appreciation for whatever small thing comforts me, brings me pleasure, makes me laugh, satisfies my humger, lightens my mood. Yes, at least I didn’t die. In other words, if something hurts, I focus on what doesn’t -From the book Running on Empty

Also Mentioned in this episode a website for keeping up with all the news and gossip in the running world.

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  1. trueindigo November 2, 2012 at 9:56 am #

    I love the insights on introverts and running. I also can’t wait to hear about the Screaming Pumpkin race recap!

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