Healthy And Nutritious One-Pot Dishes Anyone Will Love

Whether you are concerned with eating healthy or not, you’ve likely heard of the one-pot. Maybe the crockpot or slow cooker. Whatever you call the device, they are all virtually the same thing and becoming more and more popular, especially dieters and people trying to eat healthier. This is because these devices not only are family-friendly, make prep easy, and prepare delicious meals, but they are affordable with a versatility that is more than hard to match. They can create everything from healthy, decadent plates of pasta to stews and soups.

That being said, not everyone is so as much worried about eating healthy as others. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t and doing so isn’t as dull as most would have you believe. The one-pot is capable of creating healthy dishes that just about everyone will love.


You’ve likely never heard the term Kitchari before. And, that’s okay because that will only make this dish more exciting. You should think of it as nothing more than a savory porridge. This particular one combines split mung beans with basmati rice, warming spices, and colorful vegetables to create a presentable food that will look just a great as it tastes.

One-Pan Pasta

Everyone loves a good pasta. The only problem is that most of them are so fattening that you usually can’t even sneak in a portion of one without ruining an entire month’s worth of work. Well, that will not be the case at all with this pasta. In fact, this one even calls for a drizzle of olive oil, so it’ll be like you are getting a true traditional pasta that’ll drive your taste buds wild. This one combines tomatoes, onions, garlic, water, and herbs with dried pasta to deliver a perfectly dense dish what a health and nutritious rating like you would never believe. For more than 1000 instant pot recipes like this one, you can check out the previous link.

Caribbean Fish And Pumpkin Stew

Got some leftover pumpkin from the holidays that you just can’t decide where or how to use? On the verge of throwing it away? Well, think twice about it and utilize it in this new, fresh, and exciting dish. This sweet and savory stew will be unlike anything you’ve likely tried before, as it swaps out the heavy creams and replaces them with healthier, lower-calorie coconut milk. Believe it or not, this also gives the entire dish more flavor. When complete, you’ll have a pot full of individual pieces of COD floating in a spicy sauce alongside baby spinach and squash.

Shrimp And Spicy Green Rice

Looking for something to get the blood boiling on those cooler evenings? Maybe you just have a hankering for something spicy. Whatever the night calls for, this is the perfect dish for you. It’s not only nourishing, but it offers plenty of spicy flavors coupled with fresh, crisp green vegetables. It actually doesn’t just feature rice. It offers a mixture of rice and peas, so it is probably something a little different than what most are used to. Rice is great and all, but for most people, it is an ingredient that has been played out over and over again. This dish will make it different.

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