From 90 Pounds Overweight to a Sub 3 Marathon!

Chris Farrands used our marathon training plan and had three strategy sessions with Coach Nicole. He writes,

“Thank you again for your guidance the last few months. The initial training plan and then getting me linked up with Coach Nicole absolutely made the 2:57 possible.

Last year, in 2022, I ran a 3:50 on the same course.

The training plan held me accountable to not over training. It helped me to keep easy days, easy and hard days hard. The progression and build up worked really well for me. I was healthier throughout the training plan, ate more than the prior year and ran 15-20% fewer miles per week.

Sub 3 Marathon

The phone calls and time with Coach Nicole then really solidified the last few weeks of training and ensured I had the right taper in place. She provided great feedback and advice to any concerns I had.

If left on my own I would have likely ran to many miles again this year and especially in the final two weeks. I am positive that my time on Saturday was a direct result of sticking to the plan and listening to the advice Nicole provided me.

I can almost guarantee you that if I had not called you in August, I would have likely come across the finish line 15 minutes slower and completely beat up.

Three years ago I was carrying around an extra 90lbs and I don’t have any real running background (played Lacrosse in high school but that is really it). My best high school single mile time on the track in gym class was a 6:40ish.

My mind is completely blown that I just hit that pace for 26.2.” -Chris Farrands

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