Frank Shorter -Reflections on a Gold Medal Life

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In this episode we talk with marathon great Frank Shorter -who won the 1972 Olympic Marathon in Munich, ignited a running boom and inspired a generation.

We also get his top advice for beginners in the marathon distance.

Interview with Frank Shorter

Frank’s new book is called My Marathon, Reflections on a Gold Medal Life. Our conversation spans many decades of Franks life, you will hear about how he won the 1972 Olympic Marathon in Munich, his training philosophy, track workouts, dealing with pain, the bizarre twists and turns of a very full life and some great tips for first time marathoners.

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Interview Questions

  • Take us back to the beginning, how did get started with running?
  • In college you started to distinguish yourself in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters.  What did you do in your training to keep getting faster and faster?
  • You say that back in the 70s the marathon was like the “white whale of track and field”.  Explain what this means.
  • Tell us about the first marathon you competed in?
  • How did your track workouts impact and improve your marathon performance?  A lot of us don’t take time to go to the track.
  • You are the only American to win two medals in the Olympic marathon.   Take us back to the 1972 Munich Olympics, remind listeners what happened during this Olympic games.
  • Let’s talk about the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.  You ran your heart out but in the end you were passed by a runner from East Germany (Waldemar Sierpinski).
  • You later became the chairman of the US Anti-Doping Agency . . . how prevalent is doping today in the running world?
  • You have been called the father of the American Running Boom, at the time this was happening did you and your colleagues have a sense that you were part of a boom?
  • If you could give advice to a first time marathoner what would it be?

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