First Marathon and Hungry for More

Congrats to our coaching client Tarah on successfully completing her first marathon! This is what we love to hear. She writes,

“I reached out to MTA to find a coach that could meet me where I was at and push me a little too – and I found that in coach Athena.

I was coming off a hip injury and lots of physical therapy but had a goal to run my first marathon this year in Maui.

Athena provided me with structure and accountability. I found this to be enormously helpful because I tend to push myself too hard and then *big surprise* get injured!

She Had Me Covered

Athena’s knowledge in so many different areas of running proved to be helpful at various parts of my journey to the finish line. From picking out shoes, to working on my form to doing pre-hab to prevent injuries along the way, she had me covered.

Then, as the Maui Marathon started getting very near, I got word that the full marathon had been cancelled. I was determined to do what I set out to do: complete a marathon!

Athena helped me to pick a different race (the LA marathon) and even though my training had to be cut a couple of weeks short, I felt confident that all the hard work would pay off, and it did!

I absolutely crushed that race. I finished much faster than I thought I would and it has left me hungry for more.

I’m a big believer in doing things the right way, and working with a coach really does take the guesswork out of training so you can get to the finish line feeling healthy and strong. Thank you coach Athena!” -Tarah

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