One Step at a Time

Crystal Campoverde finishing the Bravehearts Marathon in South Australia

Here’s a note we received from a coaching client named Crystal. She describes what it is like to live with chronic pain and how marathon training provided a life-changing experience.

“In November 2020 while training for my marathon, I had work related injuries that resulted in knee, hip, and glute tears.

In the midst of my physical recovery my papi (dad) had his unexpected homegoing to heaven in 2021 which has been my biggest loss.

I was determined to get better in whatever capacity that looked like to run a marathon in his honour and for an important cause.

Life is both Fragile AND Redemptive

June 28th I ran the Bravehearts Marathon in South Australia in honour of my papi. As a kindergarten teacher, Bravehearts is an important organization that educates and provides counseling to children and young people who have experienced child sexual abuse.

One of the most valuable lessons for me in my marathon training is that life is brutally fragile AND beautifully redemptive.

As I now transition back to deloading and procedures to support the next phase of my physical recovery I am incredibly grateful to MTA for their podcasts and my MTA coach Athena that conjured in me the courage through my training to show up for myself and take it one step at a time as both a physical and deeply meaningful experience.

Living with chronic pain the last two years can feel really big and unforgiving at times. The beautiful thing about the running community is we all have our battles and we choose to wake up each day to run, serve and support those around us 🤍.

Noticing the contrasts in life experiences can feel uncomfortable at times but can conjure in us more empathy & understanding towards others.

I’ve experienced through the MTA podcasts and coaching that even in the midst of our valleys taking half a step forward each day keeps us moving through to the other side. I have witnessed that on the otherside of the marathon we are filled with more resilience, empathy, compassion & strength. ”


Crystal Campoverde finishing the BraveHearts’ Marathon in South Australia

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  1. Deena July 25, 2022 at 2:14 pm #

    You are an inspiration Crystal! Congratulations!

  2. Georgette Coppersmith July 25, 2022 at 6:31 pm #

    I really needed to hear this today! I have ran 2 marathons. I qualified and ran Chicago last October. I perused running to ease the past n of being alienated by my children. The results of showing myself I could step up to the plate for myself filled me with resilience and new found strength. Now, I am dealing with changes in life and body due to menopause. Crystal is motivating me to find myself once again and do the hard work. I still want to qualify for Boston! Athena sounds amazing!!! Thank you so much for inspiring my heart today!

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