Boston Marathon Bound!

Congrats to your client Stephen Terni on running a Boston Qualifying time! Here’s what he had to say about working with MTA Coach Jenn,

First, I am sincerely grateful for my coaching experience. I am confident in saying that I would not have qualified for Boston without Jennifer’s advice and support.

I did not have awareness around a handful of bad habits that I have had over the last decade of my running, and Jennifer brought them to light for me. Specifically, her nutrition expertise helped me dial in my race-day nutrition and pre-race regimen to ensure that I didn’t bonk while avoiding gastrointestinal issues.

She also taught me the value of running slow – that was the secret to unlocking higher weekly mileage while balancing recovery. I can truly say I was in the best running shape of my life leading up to the marathon.

Reaching a Life-Goal

If I take a step back, I made qualifying for Boston a “life-goal” back in 2012. I have run various marathons over the last 10 years, made incremental improvements, but was still a good 30 minutes off my qualifying time.

When I turned 45 I was excited to gain 10 minutes only to have my qualifying time adjusted by the BAA. I found the MTA through Spotify, and I quickly found the podcast to be approachable and full of great stories.

I have found the variety of topics to be interesting and helpful, and I love the personal stories of people overcoming adversity and changing their lives through marathon running.

I felt like finding a coach through the MTA could be a game-changer for me, and it absolutely was.

I am now a few months out from running my marathon, and I reflect back with gratitude on my experience. Truly grateful. It is only a matter of time before I rejoin to get ready for Boston next year!

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