Mental Toughness – Lisa Smith-Batchen on Completing a Badwater Quad

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She did it! In July of this year Lisa Smith-Batchen became the first woman to complete a Badwater Quad.

That’s four back to back Badwater Ultra Marathons, 584 miles through Death Valley where temperatures reached as high as 127 degrees.

Lisa is an accomplished ultra-marathoner and coach and lives with her family in Driggs, Idaho. The first time we spoke with her was on podcast episode #78.

In this interview we talk with Lisa about her record setting run, her training, mental toughness, hallucinations, her money raising efforts to provide clean water to villages and much more.

Interview with Lisa Smith-Batchen

Interview Questions

  1. For those who aren’t familiar with your running background, tell us about how you got started running ultra marathons?
  2. We enjoyed having you on the podcast last year before you first attempted the Badwater Quad. What happened to derail your ability to finish that challenge last year?
  3. The LA Times story mentions that you trained by dragging a tire up the Tetons. Can you give us a look into your training for the Badwater Quad?
  4. The story also mentions that you meditate. Was this just a word the reporter chose or do you have a regular practice of meditation?
  5. You are quoted as saying that your age is the reason you can do this event. Can you explain what that means?
  6. When you are out there pushing through the pain you don’t like to refer to it as suffering. Is that correct?
  7. Tell us about your hallucination.
  8. You must have had an amazing support team and crew on this run. Talk about what makes a good support crew member?
  9. How were you feeling mentally while running hundreds of miles? What mantra or thoughts helped you stay focused on the goal?
  10. Talk about how Badwater for Goodwater is working to bring sustainable drinking water to third world countries? How can people get involved in this effort?
  11. What training tips would you give to runners over age 50? How can they maximize fitness while not succumbing to injury or overtraining?
  12. How can the average runner who is training for a half or full marathon work on building mental toughness?

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