Ask the Coach Episode + Road Trip Rundown!

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In this episode we bring you an Ask the Coach Episode as we answer questions about hill work, tricks to increasing speed, and what to eat before a race and more.

Plus we give you a road trip rundown of our 7,719 mile journey across America and Angie will explain how to keep your habit of running while traveling.

Ask the Coach Episode

On this episode we were joined by Coach Kristen Williamson the newest member of the MTA coaching team. Kristen is a Registered Dietitian and Road Runners Club of America certified running coach. She is a 3:29:00 Marathoner, Boston Qualifier, and has a Master of Science in Dietetics as well as a MBA.

Questions for this episode

  1. Hills! How should I be running hills? Do I run them at an easy pace? Fast pace? What level effort should I be at when I’m doing hill runs specifically, is what I’m wondering. Also, what is considered a good elevation gain? I live in Minnesota and it’s not terribly hilly. I can’t stand running on a treadmill, and I don’t mind driving a little. What sort of elevation gain would be considered effective as a hill workout? -Rachel
  2. For speed workouts which do you consider more beneficial to a marathon runner and why 1) Short sprints & short recovery 2) longer sprints with longer recover. -Dave
  3. Tricks to increasing marathon speed? -Amanda
  4. Should you make any specific changes to your diet in the week leading up to a race? I don’t want to deprive myself of well balanced calories and carbs to do well but also don’t want to go in feeling bloated or risk gi distress. -Carolyn
  5. Food for fuel: What do I need to know about calories (the unit to measure energy) versus carbohydrates (sugar broken down to release energy) versus protein (amino acids that build muscle and help body to function)? I know what they are bc my 2 year old is a Type 1 diabetic, but I’m not sure what is most important for long runs and when to eat them. -Bridgit
  6. Debunking benefits of fad diets + how to adjust lifestyle and diet for optimum performance. -Drew

Road Trip Rundown

The “camper”. Our home for 48 days.

The Numbers

  • 48 days on the road
  • 15 states
  • 5 National Parks/ Monuments/ Historical sites
  • 7,719 miles
  • 3 marathons (2 were ultras)
  • Approximately $2,560 on gas
  • 8 German restaurants 😂
  • 2 tire blowouts on the camper

Charlevoix, Michigan

Our first stop was at the Charlevoix Marathon. Hear Angie’s race recap on episode #288.

The Black Hills, South Dakota

Devil’s Tower Monument, Wyoming


Divide 50k in Butte


Olympic National Park

The first blowout

Angie and Trevor with Coach Kristen (center)

Also mentioned in this episode

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Great sites for finding races and running paths while traveling:

4 Responses to Ask the Coach Episode + Road Trip Rundown!

  1. Arianne August 11, 2019 at 10:15 pm #

    Ah yes! I am happy the virtual half registration is open! I think that medal looks awesome!!

    • Trevor Spencer August 12, 2019 at 2:20 pm #

      Glad you like it!

  2. Lewis Van Atta August 12, 2019 at 7:39 am #

    That trailer tire blowout was pretty impressive!

    My folks had a travel trailer when I was a kid (back in the dinosaur era of the 70s), and my Dad was a college professor who could arrange to take 5-6 weeks off in the summer later in his career. One year we went to Nova Scotia and traveled around Cape Breton Island, and had a tire on the trailer quit (not nearly as spectacularly as yours). The manager at the tire shop we got it fixed at asked us “Where did you store the trailer?”. My Dad responded “We took it with us”. The manager said “You’re not supposed to do that on that road!”. My Dad told him “We already did!”. Turned out if you did take a trailer there, you were supposed to go around the island in the opposite direction that we did.

    Fun times!

    • Trevor Spencer August 12, 2019 at 2:23 pm #

      Good times! I’d love to pull the camper across Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. What a journey that would be!

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