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Real food and beyond podcastWe were recently interviewed on the Real Food and Beyond Podcast about running, podcasting, and FOOD! Our thanks to B.J. Tucker and Lisa Fallon Mindle for having us on the show.

Here are the other great podcasts we’ve been on over the years.

Angie and Trev Around the Web -Podcasts We’ve Appeared On

run to the top podcastRun to the Top (2015)
Angie talks with host Tina Muir about how to balance kids, working full time, and marathon training.

Run Run Live logoRun Run Live! (2015)
Podcast host Chris Russell brought Angie on the show to talk about pregnancy and marathon training.

The Running Lifestyle Show logoThe Running Lifestyle Show. (2014)
Angie and I talk with show host Kari Gormley about our running stories and what inspires us. Angie was also the ‘runner of the week’ on episode 67.

Angriest Trainer podcastThe Angriest Trainer Podcast. (2014)
We were guests on Vinnie Tortorich’s show but he did most of the talking lol. Just a heads up, this is an explicit podcast (a la’ Vinnie).

Runner Girls podcastRunner Girls Podcast. (2012)
Angie was interviewed by Sue, Megan, and Katie about her running story, injury, and how to get out and run when you don’t feel like it.

Two Gomers Run Two Gomers Run a Marathon (2011)
Now called “Two Gomers Run for Their Lives”. Angie talked about running and pregnancy with Steven and Anthony (and Erin).

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.37.33 PMWe’ve also done a live Webinar with Generation Ucan -a nutrition and fueling company. We share info on how we use their products to fuel for our long runs and races. You can watch the replay on Youtube.

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