Six Ways I’m Fixing My Achilles Tendonitis

These are not my feet, btw.

These are not my feet, btw.

You may have heard on podcast episode #154 that I had to skip a marathon because of pain in my achilles tendon.

My injury became the inspiration behind The Marathon That Got Away.

Thankfully my tendon hasn’t bothered me for the last two weeks and I’m ready to slowly ease back into running.

I’m thankful to Angie (my wife) and my physical therapist friend Dr. Ben Shatto for helping me diagnose and deal with this injury before it got serious.

Here’s what I’ve been doing

Six Things I’m Doing to Fix My Achilles Tendonitis

1. I’ve Stop Running (temporarily)
It goes without saying that if you injure your achilles tendon you need to take time off and rest it. I’ve never had trouble skipping a run so I’m happy to report that I score a 100% on the “resting it” strategy.

I’m still doing low impact cross-training to stay in shape. In particular, I’m working my way through the P90X3 DVDs. I’ve learned to skip the agility session which requires non-stop jumping. I go on a vigorous bike ride instead.

2. I’m taking Tissue Rejuvenator by Hammer Nutrition.
I’ve been a longtime fan of Hammer. Their tissue rejuvenator is an anti-inflammatory supplement that helps with both maintenance and recovery. You can view product ingredients here.

3. Foam Rolling
We have a couple foam rollers around the house and I’ve been sure to roll out my calves before bed. It helps to put the foam roller in a place where I’ll see it and be reminded. I admit that I need more practice in foam roller-ology. I should probably stay on it longer.

Achilles compression brace

Achilles compression brace

4. Achilles Brace
Angie, being the beneficent wife that she is, bought me a achilles compression brace from CEP. I’ll be wearing it when I start back running. It’s not the most comfortable device but I think it will help. I’ll wear it over my compression socks.

5. Eccentric Muscle Training
Dr. Ben recommended performing heel raises to lengthen the muscle. Basically, I raise up for one second and take five seconds to come down slowly, repeating this move 20-30 times. Pretty easy.

6. I Visited My Chiropractor for an Adjustment
I haven’t been to the chiropractor in 7 months and, as you will see by the photos, I was way out of adjustment! The imbalance in my hips contributed to the injury.

My chiropractor snapped theses before and after pics. I knew I was out of adjustment but didn’t know it was this bad.

Before adjustment

Before adjustment

After adjustment

After adjustment

I go to an upper cervical chiropractor who specializes in adjusting the top vertebra. The theory is that once you “get your head on straight” the spine aligns itself. If you haven’t been to the chiro in awhile you might be misaligned (unequal legs) too and could end up with a running injury. Join me in the fight against leg length inequality, visit the chiro today!

That’s it folks! Hopefully I’ll be back to my old self in time for the Marine Corp Marathon. A more detailed post on how to rehabilitate Achilles Tendinitis can be found here.

photo credit: Bob Barely Time; Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. John Adeniji October 5, 2015 at 12:36 pm #

    Thanks for sharing your experience on treating the AT as I am experiencing the same injury right now. I had to cancel Marine Corps Marathon and forefiet the registration fee but I hope not to cancel the Las Vegas RNR, I hope I can be in shape to run it, albeit slowly. Loved the podcast “The marathon that got away.”


    • Trevor Spencer October 5, 2015 at 4:04 pm #

      Thanks John! Keep us posted in MTA Member Chat on your recovery progress.

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