Interview with Alexi Pappas -Olympic Runner and Filmmaker

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In this episode we bring you an interview with Alexi Pappas, Greek-American distance runner, Olympian, actor and filmmaker. And in the quick tip segment, we discuss a study that claims that walking boosts creativity.

Interview with Alexi Pappas

Alexi Pappas represented Greece in the 2016 Summer Olympics Women’s 10k event. She set a new national record for her country running 31:36:16! She has moved up to the marathon distance with an eye toward representing Greece in the 2020 games. She also co-wrote and starred in the movies Tracktown and Olympic Dreams.

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In this conversation you will hear . . .

  • Why Alexi decided to pursue professional running
  • The nuggets of wisdom Deena Kastor has given her
  • The pressure that elite runners face
  • What it was like to live at the Olympic Village in Rio
  • What it means to be a “bravey”
  • Lessons from her debut marathon in Chicago
  • How she got into acting and filmmaking
  • Why people watch running movies
  • And a look at her daily training routine

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