A strong, powerful, female athlete

Lauren (left) with Coach Athena (right)

Here is an awesome letter from a Texas runner named Lauren. She worked with MTA Coach Athena for six months inside our Coaching Services. Reposted with permission.

– – -Start of letter – – –

Coach Athena,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am to have gotten to work with and learn from you.

So much of what I’ve gained from our time together goes beyond running, and it’s hard to put into words just how impactful you’ve been on my life since we connected last year.

When I reached out to MTA for coaching I never imagined I’d end up getting connected with someone who not only provided excellent training and guidance but also served as a key role model I so desperately needed.

You filled a gap I hadn’t realized existed (or perhaps just hadn’t acknowledged) – that of a mentor. And not just any mentor – a strong, powerful, female athlete.

What I initially thought would be a single training block of marathon coaching turned into months of mentorship that allowed me to develop not only endurance and speed but confidence, strength, knowledge, and problem solving skills.

  • With the aid of your accountability I’ve been able to embrace the importance of consistency and discipline and enjoy the freedom of adaptability which those allow.
  • You’ve enabled me to feel capable of and ready for new challenges and continuing on from this partnership – which further speaks to your efficacy as a coach and mentor.

Coach Athena, you champion female empowerment. You educate, encourage, and challenge. Not one to simply call out instructions from the sidelines, you lead by example.

Your honesty, openness, and genuine passion for the growth of your athletes transcend the realm of running. You embrace the truth that there is no separating the runner from the person, the training from life.

So, thank you. Thank you for investing in me. Thank you for helping me cultivate a mindset of growth, commitment, and possibility. Thank you for showing me what it means to be a strong, resilient, female athlete. And above all – thank you for believing in me.

I’ll always consider you a mentor, and even though I’ll no longer be one of your MTA athletes I look forward to continuing to learn from and look up to you and the legacy you’re building.

Beyond grateful,


Lauren (left) with Coach Athena (right)

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