Year in Review -Top Stories and Headlines from the Running World in 2020

In this podcast episode we take a look back at some of the top running related news and stories of 2020.  Even in a chaotic year there were many positive and inspiring things that happened! Plus we’ll tell you about a 300 mile run challenge to keep you motivated in the new year.

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2020 Year in Review

Each year we do a podcast recapping some of the biggest news in the running world. And 2020 has certainly been a unique year (to put it mildly). The biggest changes in the running world were most certainly caused by the pandemic.

In the early months there was so much uncertainty as to whether races would be able to take place. In March I remember thinking that the world would be back to normal by summer. I laugh to think how naïve I was. Then the Olympic Games were postponed to 2021 and all large in person races after the middle of March were postponed and many were cancelled. Most races offered the chance to run virtually and events like the Tokyo Marathon and London Marathon offered elite only racing opportunities.

This year challenged every single runner as we were forced to accept disappointment and pivot in what our running looked like. It reinforced the fact that the road to achieving our goals often looks nothing like we initially envisioned.

But there have been some bright spots in the running world this year. I hope you enjoy this episode!

Also Mentioned in This Episode

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