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In this episode we ask listeners how they got into long distance running and what running has taught them about life. In the quick tip segment we share of list of books that will fuel your passion!

From the Running Community with Love . . .

We just wrapped up the first ever MTA Podcast Virtual Half Marathon. The quotes and stories you will hear in this episode are from folks who participated in the event.

MTA Virtual Half Stats:

medalWe had about 350 people participate from all over the world. To the best of my knowledge we had runners from . . .

  • 47 US states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico.
  • Top three states: California, Texas, and New York.
  • 8 Canadian provinces and territories: BC, AL, SK, MB, ON, QB, NS, YK.
  • 9 European countries: UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.
  • 5 Australian states: WA, SA, NSW, VIC, and QLD.
  • Plus these countries: New Zealand, Kuwait, The Bahamas, Israel, Colombia, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Japan.

The MTA Virtual Half was a lot of work (we packaged all the swag ourselves) but it was a huge success and the positive vibes from runners has been phenomenal!

What are some of the reasons/factors that got you into long distance running?

For me, I traded addictions. Before I turned 30 I smoked and drank a lot. I couldn’t keep up with my kids and was always sick. Although I quit smoking I gained a lot of weight. My sister in law started running so I started with her. We signed up for 5ks, 5 milers, 10ks, then a sprint triathlon. Neither of us were fast but we were having fun challenging each other. We both trained for a half marathon and knew the next step was a marathon. Now after 7 marathons and dozens of halfs we’re both in our 50’s. I’m still working toward my BQ. This is a much better addiction. -Kathleen H.

4 years ago my wife out of the blue decided to run a marathon. When she told me I said, “have fun with that. I’m never doing more than a mile.” She really got into it and eventually I got forced to run a 5k with her. After that I was hooked and that lead to 10k’s, half marathons and so forth. –David L.

When I hit menopause early I felt I need to do something weight bearing to off set my greater risk of osteoporosis and relieve menopause symptoms. Initially I just wanted to run 30 minutes without stopping and I hit that goal fairly early on. Then I decided to try a local 5k and the rest is history. I just finished my 2nd marathon. –Jodi S.

I trained for and ran my first marathon at age 56, my dad’s age when he had a heart attack. My way of affirming life and the value of health, fitness, friendship and the whole mind-body connection. -Scott P.

In 2013 I was very overweight and unhealthy, I had been for many years. I decided I needed to make a change, so I started walking, a quarter of a mile was tough for me at the time, but I kept going . . . Fast forward and I’ve run 9 half marathons and am signed up for my first marathon in Jan. It’s amazing what the human body is capable of. –Jessica A.

What is one thing running has taught you?

I learned to dream big and go for it as I train for my first marathon. -Amy W.

There is no bad weather, only wrong clothing. There is beauty in everything, we don’t always see and appreciate it though.” -Konstantin K.

The benefits of running are mental, even more so than physical. Going for a run in fresh air improves your mood, clears your mind and helps you think through problems. All of that and your clothes fit better. -Eli S.

Setting goals that are achievable is as important as setting goals that are a little scary. Achieving goals you set for yourself in running makes everything else in life seem more manageable.” -Katie L.

We are stronger than we think! Our mind/thoughts are very powerful. Pre-race anxiety is our inner voice cheering us on. -Judy S.

Running reflects life. . . sometimes it feels amazing and invigorating…sometimes it feels sluggish and difficult and sometimes in between. But no matter what it brings on any given day, it makes us better, stronger, more compassionate, more grateful, more confident, and hopefully faster. -Coach Jennifer Giles

Big thanks to everyone who left a reply to our questions! As you will hear in the episode, we read dozens and dozens of thoughtful and inspiring comments. We definitely had more then we could use for one episode.

I hope you take a moment and answer these questions for yourself. Look back on the progress you’ve made as a runner, you will probably be amazed at how far you’ve come.

Photos from the MTA Virtual Half

Ran the virtual half on board USS Nimitz on 22 November on a treadmill (yuck) with a great view. The rocking of the ship does add a little bit of a challenge, but all went well! Completed the half in 2:7:49s (with a trip over the international date line in the middle)! -Daniel M..

MTA Virtual Half done! A great way to spend my last long run this year. Not my best time but I was determined to enjoy the surroundings for once despite the miserable weather in Scotland. 🤓🏅.. definitely time for cake I think! -Paula G. (South Lanarkshire, UK)

Finally smashed out the MTA virtual half today! I didn’t expect to run it in just seven minutes over my personal best while off-season – a little encouragement and motivation goes a long way! Thank you to Trevor, Angie and the Academy for making this possible, it was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait for the next virtual event! 🇦🇺 –Vi T. (South Australia)

It took me all of November to admit to myself that I wasn’t ready to run a half marathon again after having just had a baby in July, though the training goal did motivate me for some nice runs. So instead I took my 4.5 month old daughter with me for a looong walk with the stroller. Was hoping to walk the full distance . . . we were out 4.5 hours (!) including a nursing stop outside in a bus station🍼. . . Lovely clear winter day with temperature started at -2 Celsius, but warmed up just above freezing during the day. – Line L. (Stavanger, Norway)

Virtual MTA half marathon from Medellin, Colombia. Thanks so much to Trevor and Angie for putting this together. My participation was a way to say thank you to both of you for the excellent podcast over the last 7 years. I have listened to every single episode since # 1, and most of what I know about running has been through you. It even inspired me to launch my own running podcast in Spanish. Keep up the good work. –Luis Miguel V.

Finished my MTA Virtual Half in Hawaii today! It was really significant to me because it symbolizes my comeback from injury. Plus I get a great swivel head medal! Thanks to the MTA community for your support and encouragement! -Pat M. (Hawaii)

Greetings from Duisburg, Germany 🇩🇪️! After getting married on the 28th of October, we spend most of this month on our honeymoon in Thailand. Therefore I had to pause my training for more than 3 weeks. .. 😅 Nevertheless, I wanted to do the #marathontrainingacademy #virtualhalf, so I put on my running gear today and got on the street! We had 5° Celsius and headwind, perhaps it was not the best idea to just wear a T-Shirt 😉 but I kept running, although my arms were freezing! And I finished without slowing down! 😊 Thank you for the motivation to go out and run even if you don’t feel like it! Looking forward to the medal, it’ll perfectly suit my wedding dress 😂 (and no, I didn’t run in my wedding dress 😉). Greetings to all the fantastic, motivating people in this group and of course to Trevor and Angie! Love your podcast! Keep up the good work! Caroline de B. (Germany)

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! I just wanted to share my boyfriend and
I’s gratitude for putting on a great race! My boyfriend has never really
run before meeting me and he wanted to be supportive of my sport and run a
race with me. With our school and work schedules, it is very difficult to
find a race that we could do. When my mom mentioned your race and how we
could do it anytime during November, we felt that it was the perfect race
for us to do. We decided that we would do our race and seal our fate on
November 17th at our local YMCA. It was not only my boyfriend’s first
half marathon, it was also his first race EVER! I am so extremely proud of him for Releasing the Kraken through some mishaps (asthma and a malfunctioning watch). He was able to finish it in excellent time and did not give up. We had a ton of support from our YMCA (and was even featured on their Facebook page) and from our family. Thank you, again, for such a wonderful race and hope to do it again in the future! I am attaching some pictures from our race day! -Stephanie G.(Texas)

Hi Trevor and Angie! Last Saturday I ran the Virtual Half Marathon, which
was my first half. I am a 17 year old girl from Pennsylvania and I started
running 4 months ago to improve my fitness, but when I found your podcast
it opened the running community to me and I fell in love with running. When
I heard about the Virtual Half, I decided to challenge myself and sign up.
With only ever running a 5k distance, I didn’t think I could do it but your
running wisdom got me to my goal strong and healthy. I listened to your podcast on every
training run I did throughout the MTA beginner half marathon plan and
during some cold, windy long runs it was the only reason I kept going. Your
podcast has taught me so much and I definitely could not have done this
without either of you because both of you inspire me to become the best
lifetime runner I can be. During the Virtual Half, I felt confident and
happy almost the entire time and during the tough last 2 miles I even
yelled “Release the Kraken!” Listening to your podcast and yelling that
phrase got me through the 13.1 miles without needing a walk or stop break,
something I once thought impossible. Don’t stop what you are doing because
everyday you create new passionate runners like me. Thank you both again because I couldn’t have done it without you! -Abby W. (Pennsylvania)

Love love the medals !!!! And my daughter wants to steal my hat 🙂 Thank you Trevor and Angie, you 2 rock !!! I swear I almost cried opening up my package, felt just as excited as when I completed the mta virtual half ❤️ please do this again next year. -Frank & Jessica A. (Arizona)

To See More Epic Photos from the MTA Virtual Half See:

Also Mentioned in This Episode

Quick tip: Powerful Books to Fuel Your Passion

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