What We Love About Running

We recently asked our members what they love most about running and they had a lot to say. It’s hard to choose what there is to love most about running. Instead there are five big reasons that kept coming up. Any runner will identify with these.

I’ve pasted the comments verbatim below and added a few thoughts of my own.

The five things we love most about running are . . .

Clearing the Mind

Running helps me relieve stress and allows me time to forget everyday life problems. Love being alone on a trail and just enjoying nature and life.

Running gives me time by myself! With four young kids, time to think a complete thought is highly prized!

I love that no matter how bad the day is-it is always better after a run!

I started running as a commitment to my Son after his passing. 3 years in I see no end in sight. I love being alone with my thoughts on my long runs.

Running clears my head, gives an opportunity to pray, think and recharge for the tasks that lay ahead.

We have all experienced the mental cleansing that only a run can bring. Some of my best ideas have come while I’m out there pounding the pavement. Interesting work has been done on how running shapes the brain by promoting hippocampus growth. So, if you are under pressure from a deadline, research paper, or big life decision the best thing might be to drop what you are doing and go for a run.

Increasing Confidence

Rising to a physical challenge makes everything else in my day seem possible!

I love how running makes me feel. I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. It’s awesome.

Running has taught me that I’m stronger than I think I am and to never, ever give up!

Realizing how much more I’m capable of than I ever thought!

It’s a constant reminder that I should (and I can!) push myself. We never know what we’re capable of doing and the only way to find out is to test your limits!

After running my first marathon in 2011, I became careful about what I referred to as “hard”. Running a marathon is hard, most everything else I do throughout the day does not deserve that appellation. Everything gets re-framed.


I love the challenge of self-mastery that comes with getting out the door.

I love being outside, the feeling of effortless forward motion, making and completing goals, and always feeling better after a run!

Running is my way of being present in the moment and I love the continual challenge to be my best self

That finishing up feeling when you are sprinting through the finish line with that “good” tired feeling. I also like the beginning when you are fresh and could run forever.

I am a competitive person and running is a great way to compete with myself. Nothing beats the feel of a new goal being met, a PR, or finishing a tough race.

Dean Karnazes running

Our recent interview with Dean Karnazes reminded me just how much untapped potential we all have. The human body and spirit are capable of more then we will ever realize. Running is a great way to push past the artificial limitations you have imposed upon yourself in the past and find inner grit you didn’t know you had.


The awesome running community, especially MTA.

The amazing people that I meet. Runners consistently look to build each other up instead of put each other down.

I love the camaraderie between new runners and old. Everyone runs the same distance.

Get away from the hectic nature of modern day life, and an awesome community of like minded folk.

I found my community with running.

MTA meet up in Berlin

I echo this sentiment. Every day I get to hear from people through our MTA Facebook page and see what they are up to. I’ve have found the people in the running community to be very upbeat. Maybe it’s the endorphins!

Long Term Health and Wellbeing

Running has taught me how to take care of myself on multiple levels.

Running helps with weight management, stress and so much more.

It’s as much fun at 60 as it was at 30!!

Running has changed my life and keeps me sane!

Our goal in the Academy is to teach the principles that will allow runners to train smart, take care of their bodies, and make running a life-long pursuit. I’ve found that running is a “keystone” activity that, when I take time to do it, influences my overall health. For example, I eat cleaner when I’m training for a marathon than I normally would.

Other people commented on the ability to connect with the great outdoors and the amazing feeling you get physically. What do you love most about running?

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