7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days! Interview with Michael Wardian

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Michael Wardian set the record for the fastest marathon time on seven continents in seven days. In this podcast interview we get a blow-by-blow of this epic whirlwind challenge plus some of his other recent exploits.

Interview with Michael Wardian

Michael Wardian is possibly the most prolific racer in the world. In 2016 he ran 47 events and had multiple wins and records including setting the fastest ever time for running all the Abbott World Marathon Majors in one year. This consisted of the Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon in an average time of 2:31:09.

The last time we had him on the podcast he had just set the record for the fastest 50k time on an indoor 200 meter track. He also holds the record for fastest 50k on a treadmill.

I don’t know of anyone else who is so good at running back-to-back marathons. For example, he ran 2:21 at the US Olympic Trials in Houston and 2:31 at the Houston Marathon the next morning! He ran the legendary Badwater 135 called the toughest footrace on planet earth (he finished 3rd) and 4 days later he ran an indoor marathon and won it. Two week later he won the San Francisco Marathon despite having food poisoning the night before.

This year he set a record for fastest marathon time on seven continents in seven days -a feat that earned a lot of media attention.

The photos that follow are from Mike’s Instagram page. Follow him @mikewardian.

Day 1 Antarctica

Day 2 Punta Arneas, Chile

Day 3 Miami, USA

Day 4 Madrid, Spain

Day 5 Marrakech, Morocco

Day 6 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Day 7 Sydney, Australia

Mike won every event and set a New World Record for fastest time on seven continents in seven days. His averaged marathon times were 2:45:57.

For more context about the World Marathon Challenge, the race organizers, and the other participants there’s a good story in Competitor.

If you are interested in running the World Marathon Challenge it looks like it will only cost you EUR €36,000.

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