Interview with Tina Muir -How She Fulfilled Her Ultimate Running Goal

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In this podcast episode we talk with fellow podcaster and elite runner Tina Muir who last year fulfilled a lifelong dream of representing Great Britain at the World Half Marathon Championships.

You will hear Tina relate the ups and downs of accomplishing that dream, how she deals with negative thinking during the marathon and her down-to-earth thoughts on building self-confidence.

Interview with Tina Muir

The year 2016 was epic for elite runner Tina Muir. She was able to fulfill what she describes as “my ultimate running goal, the only hard set running goal I ever had”.

Though she was originally told she didn’t make the cut, Great Britain called her one week before the Half Marathon Championships and asked her to be on the team.

She finished as the 3rd Brit (out of 5) and 49th overall with a time of 1:15:12. She proudly represented her country with a smile that lasted 21.1 kilometers.

What We Learned About Tina from This Conversation

  • Tina and her husband Steve had a running themed wedding.
  • She has switched from gels to Generation Ucan.
  • She ran 2:36:39 at the California International Marathon in 2016.
  • She wrote names on her fueling bottles to dedicate miles to people.
  • She can eat a tub of frosting and not feel sick.
  • We were at the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon at the same time and didn’t know it!
  • The first time she broke tape in a race she was unsure about what to do with her hands.

What You Can Learn About Marathon Training from This Conversation

  • Even elite runners deal with negative thoughts in the marathon. Have a plan beforehand to combat this. Come to your race prepared with mantras, a playlist, and positive messages written somewhere on your body. It sounds silly but it works!
  • Getting passed can be discouraging when you’re feeling tired so pace yourself well from the beginning of the race.
  • Doing a month of speed work before you officially start your marathon training cycle will help you get faster. But be sure to rest and taper appropriately!
  • As Tina said, “Let your body tell you what it’s ready for” on race day. Sometimes a PR might not be in you on that particular day. This is why Angie believes in having layered goals.

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