Super prepared for 50 Miler

Congrats to our coaching client Zach who conquered his first 50 miler!! He was kind enough to share some thoughts on how MTA coaching prepared him for this challenge. He writes,

“The race was amazing. As you may remember, I attempted a 50-miler in September (training by myself, mostly around my neighborhood). But Coach Henry had me so super prepared (physically, for the trails, for the hills, mentally), I felt great crossing the finish line (looking at the video, I was still moving okay for 50 miles I think.

A few other thoughts I’ve had about coaching:

  • I felt good (not just less sore, but honestly “good”) after the race. My body has never felt like that even on shorter distances
  • I’ve so appreciated (and needed) having a coach still providing me with maintenance work the weeks after a race; typically I would just stop running for a while, decided I want to do a race, then start (from a less fit place) on a “new” 12-week plan

I don’t know what’s next! I think this fall I want revenge on the 50-miler in Alabama that go away from me last year.

Thanks again for being such a great introduction into the program and pairing me up with Henry. He’s the best.” -Zach L.

Zach at the Frozen Falls 50 in Tennessee.

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  1. Joe February 23, 2023 at 9:00 am #

    Congratulations on your preparation for the 50 miler race! As someone who is also training for a marathon, I can relate to the dedication and hard work it takes to get to this level. It’s amazing to see how much effort and preparation you have put in to make sure you are ready for the challenge. I hope your hard work and determination pays off on race day and you have a fantastic experience. Good luck!

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