Run Every Day from Thanksgiving to New Years!


This is a holiday running streak inspired by Runner’s World #RWRunStreak.

The goal is to run a minimum of one mile (1.61km) each day from November 27 through January 1st, 2015. I’m going for it! In order to have a safe and fun streak here are some tips for success:

Safe Streaking

  1. Don’t start if you’re currently struggling with injury or overtraining. This will only worsen your problem.
  2. Don’t start if you’re a brand new runner. Doing too much, too soon is not a smart way to begin your running journey.
  3. Wear clothes. When many people hear the word streak they instantly think of the clothes-less version. I highly recommend doing all your running in appropriate running clothes ☺
  4. Have two pairs of running shoes to alternate. Since you may be running in inclement weather this will allow each pair to have a little down-time and chance to dry in between. Alternating running shoes can actually extend the life of your shoes.
  5. Do your runs at an easy pace when they take place on “non-running days” (days not on your training plan). You don’t want to run hard every single day—that’s a recipe for injury. If you track your heart rate keep it in Zone 2. A quick way to calculate Zone 2 is to subtract your age from 180 for the upper heart rate. For example this is what it would look like for me: 180-36=144. I’d keep my heart rate below 144 beats per minute.
  6. Look for creative ways to accomplish your mile such as working it into your normal schedule. Run your mile while on a lunch break, while waiting to pick up a child from an activity, before your normal yoga class, or on a treadmill. If you’re on a road trip you can run laps around a rest stop. You can even run in the airport (just pretend you’re late for a flight). You can also try running at a different time of the day for more variety.
  7. Deal with the complications. Stuff happens and you may get sick. The bottom line is that your overall health is more important than keeping a running streak going so you need to use caution and common sense while sick. With that said, there are people who somehow manage to run through things like chemotherapy.

Tips and Comments from the MTA Facebook Page

“I did this last year and kept it going until April. It was a great way to stay motivated through the holidays and winter weather. I may have to do it again!” -Kelly

“I streaked for a bit. 403 days straight before missing one. Bumped it to 5K a day for 60 days before leading into the Pittsburgh Marathon last year. Set a PR. It can be done safely. Good luck all!” -Rob

“I’m over 2.5 years of running at least 1 mile per day. I listen to my body to protect my long-term goal, which is to do this forever. Some days I run/walk much further. But I always run one of those miles. Highly recommend this as it has many benefits for the body, mind and spirit.” -Suzette

“1. A streak isn’t about speed, just actually running 1 mile minimum. Take your time just so long as you are actually running. 

2. It is one continuous mile of running, not a fraction of a mile here and there throughout the day.

3. The “daily” run is based upon a calendar day, not a 24 hour period. So long as you run at least one mile on Tuesday (for example) then you keep the streak alive. This is to alleviate concerns about traveling and crossing time zones. If you’re crossing date lines, you’ll need to keep that calendar days in mind.” -Kirk Buckley, (2 years 5 months running streak)

Here’s more information about the Runner’s World Run Streak:

There’s also a group called the United States Running Streak Association and Streak Runner’s International: There’s one individual who’s been doing a running streak for over 45 years! Just think, that could you be you someday.

“Run often and run long, but never outrun your joy of running.” -Julie Isphording

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  1. Steven Martin November 29, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

    I’m going to do it! Although, to be honest, I skipped Friday. Nonetheless, my streak started today.

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