Interview with Running Doctors Mark Cucuzzella & Josh Emdur

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In this episode we talk with Doctors Mark Cucuzella and Josh Emdur about the health benefits and risks of running marathons, disease based versus prevention based models of health care, and what to do if a doctor tells you that you should give up running.

Interview with Running Doctors Mark Cucuzella & Josh Emdur

This interview came about in a cool and unique way. We have a long time listener to the MTA podcast who works in the tech start up world. He reached out to us about his new venture SteadyMD. This service is the first of its kind and provides virtual health care for runners through an online doctor.

When we heard that Dr. Mark Cucuzzella would be on the physician team we got really excited because we’ve been long time admirers of Dr. Mark and have wanted to have him on the podcast.

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella is a board-certified physician in Family Medicine and a Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine. He is focused on keeping runners fit and healthy through better movement, training, and nutrition. His marathon PR is an impressive 2 hours and 24 minutes and he is a two-time winner of the Air Force Marathon. Dr. Mark has also run a sub-3-hour marathon for 30 consecutive years. He is a sought after keynote speaker at many races and owns a local running store called Two Rivers Treads.

Dr. Josh Emdur co-leads the SteadyMD Running practice with Dr. Mark. Josh is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and 2:56 marathoner who lives in Boulder, Colorado. He is an avid trail runner, mountaineer, and backcountry skier.

In this conversation we are going to talk about the perils of getting advice from doctors who don’t understand your needs as a runner. Apparently there are many people out there who’ve been told that they should never run again. In fact, Dr. Mark was told this years ago. Plus we talk nutrition, heart health, and more.

SteadyMD: MTA is proud to be the official launch partner of SteadyMD. SteadyMD pairs you with a primary care doctor, online. This is a doctor who really gets to know you, listens to you, and has time for you. And not just any doctor either. A doctor who is a runner just like you and who really understands marathon training, proper running form, common running injuries, nutrition for runners, and much much more. Your SteadyMD doctor is available to you via phone, text, and video chat, anytime. Go to to learn more and reserve your spot. There are a limited number of spots available, so check it out now!

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  1. Yarone Goren July 26, 2017 at 12:41 pm #

    Excellent episode, as usual. Thanks Trevor and Angie!

  2. Jodi Sanders July 30, 2017 at 2:59 am #

    Listened to this podcast today midway through a 19km run. What a cool moment to hear a shout out about my recent 5km race!! You made my day!

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