Guest Post: What To Wear When Running A Marathon

Running a marathon requires dedication, hard work, and a whole lot of stamina. But it also requires the right clothing! What does the weather like? What can you expect from your body? You need to know all of this before you pull on your workout clothes to head out the door.

In this article, we’ll share some tips on what to wear when running a marathon. You can get a lot more marathon training tips from the Marathon Training Academy podcasts, which are a great listen while you’re on the run!
Running a marathon in hot weather.

During the hot summer months, most marathoners prefer to run with athletic shorts and a loose-fitting technical shirts. While you should make sure to stay hydrated with water, sports drinks, or gel, you shouldn’t wear anything that might trap heat or moisture to the body.

When it’s hot outside, even with clothing, your core temperature will be elevated. When you run with clothes on, your core body temperature can actually rise, which can slow your pace, which can impact your overall health.

The sport-specific short shorts that fit around the legs are ideal for marathon training because they allow you to move freely and your legs will absorb the impacts of your running stride. Running skirts are also popular in hot weather, since they can protect your skin and keep you cool. Finally, running hats are recommended especially if you’re running in the direction of the sun, and also to keep sweat out of your eyes.

Running a marathon in cold weather.

Running a marathon in cold weather requires some preparation and consideration, but it’s not an impossible feat.

Make sure you have a comfortable base layer. Many marathoners also like to layer up with a base layer first, followed by a lightweight layer over that. Even though it’s cold, sweating while running can actually become a risk for catching hypothermia. Clothing that wicks your sweat away from the body and keeps you dry is key.

A few lightweight layers of different types of long-sleeved T-shirts, pants, or shorts can help you stay comfortable in the chill. You’ll also want a hat and gloves. During a heavy snowfall, it’s easy to get cold and have your body not work as well. Be sure to check out some of these tips for running in the freezing cold.

Running a marathon in the rain.

You should have rain gear, especially if you plan to run in a torrential downpour. Unless it’s a real downpour (read: thunder, lightning, and heavy downpour), you can usually make your way through a drizzle of rain.

Rain gear should consist of a waterproof shell jacket and pants that are loose and stretchy. Make sure your jacket has an interior hood. For added protection, take a light-colored fleece vest or thick long-sleeve shirt and pants with you for extra warmth.

Many runners choose to wear a simple rain covering over their regular athletic gear (shorts, shirt), but that’s often in the spring months. You’ll still want to consider the overall temperature, such as whether it’s a humid climate where, once the rain passes, you know it’s going to feel very hot and heavy. Or if it rains during the cold, in which case you’re probably running in the snow. Hope you brought some snow-shoes!

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