[Part 2] Marathon Training Q and A Episode

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In this episode we bring you part 2 of our marathon training Q and A series where we answer questions sent in by Academy members.

Topics include how to get faster, injury prevention, fueling, running post-menopause, and encouraging your children to be healthy.

[Part 2] Marathon Training Q and A Episode

Special Guest!

We are joined in this episode by Coach Jenn Giles -who has just joined the coaching team here at MTA. Jenn is a running Coach, a triathlon coach and a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics who has a Dual Masters Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Columbia University in New York City. She has been working with adult and youth athletes involved in many different sports for over 20 years. 

Learn about MTA coaching services here.

Jenn Giles

Jenn Giles

Shout Outs

I did it!!! It was really tough especially in the mid 90 degree heat but I used so much of what I have learned from this page as well as the MTA podcast, particularly about visualisation and positive self talk. Thank you so much for all the support during my first marathon! Rebecca from Australia

New York City Marathon – 3:37:43 – almost an 8 minute PR for me! Thank you Angie and Trevor and the MTA clan. I train alone so you have all become my virtual training partners, inspiration and motivation. -Anam

Also Mentioned in This Episode

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Big thanks to everyone who sent in a question!

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    Another great podcast. very informative.

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