Interview with Michael Wardian – Endurance Athlete Extraordinaire

Mike and his dad at the Hawk Indoor 50k

Mike and his dad at the Hawk Indoor 50k

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Michael Wardian is an accomplished marathoner and ultra-marathoner from Arlington VA. Last year he won the Big Sur Marathon and the Disney Dopey Challenge, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

His most recent accomplishment was setting a new indoor 50k World Record at the Hawk Indoor 50k in Hagerstown, MD, finishing 250 laps in 3 hours, 6 minutes and 7 seconds.

Interview Questions for Michael Wardian

  1. Let’s go back to the beginning, give us a little background. How did you get into running marathons and ultras?
  2. What’s impressive is that you are both fast (your wikipedia page says that you’ve run a 2:17:49 marathon) and you complete a lot of races per year. To give us a sense of how much get around . . . how many races did you do in 2014?
  3. What were the highlights of all the races you did last year?
  4. When running does get tough do you have any tools to get your mind somewhere else? -Andrew
  5. How does being vegetarian affect your running? Can you give us a look at your nutrition philosophy? -JoEllen
  6. How do you fuel during marathons and ultras?
  7. You have a job, family and busy training and racing schedule.  How do you balance it all?  What’s your advice for the busy person who struggles to find time for training?
  8. Have you ever struggled with injury?  What are your best injury prevention/recovery tips?
  9. Bucket list races or running goals?
Mike Wardian setting the World Record for fastest indoor 50k.

Mike Wardian setting the World Record for fastest indoor 50k.

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