2 Successful Training Blocks

Thanks to Michael Broberg for sharing his experience with MTA Coaching! He writes,

“Hello, I wanted to share that I’ve had a great experience with Coach Henry. He guided me through 2 successful training blocks!

I’m a new runner so the main reason I wanted to get a coach was to set up some good habits, avoid injury and learn how to train properly. I also wanted to learn about nutrition, warm ups etc.

I am very pleased and grateful Henry was able to provide all these fundamentals! Also realized a great thing about having a coach is that it gave me accountability and added motivation to show up for the workouts.

2 Successful Training Blocks

First Marathon

My first training block was to complete my first marathon, the LA Marathon 2024, which I was able to finish in 4:19 w/out injury! I definitely would have gone out too fast and probably would have been one of those hobbling at the end. But in addition to the training, the race and fueling strategy had me feeling pretty good, even through those last miles. I was able to make a strong finish!

PR in the Half

My second training block was for the Long Beach Classic Half marathon (June 9th). We added some more strengthening workouts and speed work which made a huge difference. I was able to hold my target pace and also give a good push at the end. Thrilled to have PR’d by 10 minutes at 1:43!

Huge thanks to Coach Henry for helping me achieve these goals! I have more confidence now because he helped me build the right foundation to keep this progress and momentum going!” -Michael Broberg

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