A tremendous year in achieving my goals

Congrats to our client James who built up to running five races in just 10 months! He writes,

“This has been a tremendous year in achieving my goals. I ran my first half marathon, first full marathon, and my first 50K . . . as well as a 2nd marathon and a 10 mile race PR.

That’s 5 races in 10 months which is also a huge “first” for me.

All of this was possible because I found MTA and Coach Henry. The MTA podcast helped me learn and understand there are many others new to running and learning just like me.

Trust the Process

Coach Henry built a customized training plan based on my fitness, experience (or lack thereof), and progress throughout the year. His wisdom and experience were critical as there are always surprises and even sometimes injuries that occur.

Because of his coaching and guidance, we were able to address things real-time and I was able to run all 5 races. My training plan was continually adapted based on what was happening in my training as well as life. Having an experienced coach is great especially when trying new things because he could reassure me that I had done the work and to trust the process.

MTA made it so easy. I filled out the form, had a conversation with Coach Nicole, I was introduced to Coach Henry, and we jumped right in. Before MTA, I had started with a training plan I found online, but that wouldn’t have allowed me to navigate and adapt the training to my needs, nor answer my many, many questions. Having a running coach was one of the best decisions I made to achieve my goals.

The other thing I love about MTA, Coach Nicole, and Coach Henry is their unwavering support. When I shared my goals and I told them I signed up for a 50K even before I ran my first half or full marathon, they didn’t call me crazy. They were like . . . let’s do this!” -James Rarick

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