Marathon Success Story -How Henry Became a Running Machine!

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Henry Howard has managed to go from a frustrated and injured runner to improving his marathon PR by 28 minutes, earning a BQ, and taking on trail ultramarathons.

In this episode we examine how he and Coach Angie worked together to improve his running and reach his bucket list goals. You’ll get to see how the coaching process works from beginning to end and hopefully glean some useful take-a-ways to implement in your training!

Interview with Henry Howard

Henry Howard works as Media & Communications Deputy Director at American Legion a job based in Indianapolis. He’s also a guest blogger for us and one of Angie’s personal coaching clients.

Races Since Working with Angie

Honolulu Marathon 12/11/16
Indianapolis Monumental 11/5/16 (Boston Qualfier)
Erie Marathon 9/13/16
Raleigh Marathon 3/13/16
Indianapolis Monumental 11/7/15
North Face Endurance Challenge 10/3/15
Lexington Horse Capital Marathon 5/16/15
Phoenix Marathon 2/28/16
Indianapolis Monumental 11/1/14
Akron Marathon 9/27/14

North Face Endurance Challenge 50 9/17/16 (1st place in age group)
Buckeye Trail 50K 7/9/16

Half Marathons
Flora Half Marathon 5/28/16 (1st in age group)
Eagle Creek Trail Run 7/30/16 (3rd in age group)
Alpine Half Classic 5/28/16 (1st in age group)
Run Laughlin Half Marathon 12/5/15
Eagle Creek Trail Run 8/1/15
Eagle Creek Night Trail Run 6/6/15
Summer Breeze Half Marathon 6/20/15 (3rd in age group)

He’s had an epic running year including earning a Boston Qualifying time of 3:23:26 at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, and a first place age group finish at the North Face Endurance Challenge 50k.

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Henry Howard Twitter handle @henryhoward

2 Responses to Marathon Success Story -How Henry Became a Running Machine!

  1. Pat McCain December 13, 2016 at 8:31 pm #

    Henry is the real deal! I had a chance to meet him just before he ran the 2017 Honolulu Marathon. His story is a great example of grit and determination, and also a superb example of how connecting with a coach can transform your running! Awesome podcast!

  2. Henry Howard December 19, 2016 at 12:58 pm #

    Thanks, Pat! It was great to meet you and Monica. Can’t wait to hear about your successful return from injury.

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