Epic Weekend for Academy Members 🙌

Big congrats to Bill Drinkward on running 3:18:47 at the Vancouver Marathon last weekend!!

He writes, “Many thanks to Coach Dominique Hamel for the guidance I needed to successfully score a massive PR of over 6 minutes and a BQ as well. I nearly lost my A-goal when the 3:20 pace Bunny snuck up on me with only 7k to go. I resolved then to fight off that bunny all the way to the finish. I just asked myself then, “how bad do you want it?” And thought about all those training runs to even put me in this position. I ran steadily and hard all the way to the finish and crossed the line at 3:18:47. Vancouver Marathon is an awesome course with fantastic volunteer and crowd support. I highly recommend the experience.”

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Epic Weekend for Academy Members 🙌

First Place in Age Group

Congrats to Katrina C. on running the Spartan Beast like a boss and winning 1st place in her age group!

“Spartan Beast in NSW, Australia on Saturday, 21km, lots of hills.. Obstacles used to be my strength, but thanks to MTA now my running is my strength.. I walked away with FIRST PLACE, in my age group!!! Thank MTA” 🙌🏽🙌🏽

First Half Marathon

Congrats to Rachel R. on releasing the kraken at her first half marathon!

“Ran my first half marathon this morning! Everything happened to fall into place and I ran WAY faster than I thought possible. I told my dad last night, that 2:20 was basically my dream goal. Crushed that dream with a 2:16:40. . . At mile 10, I thought to myself: “unleash the kraken!” . . . I’m guessing my race finish photo is going to look weird as I was fighting back crying as I crossed the line lol! It is amazing when everything goes right. My nutrition, hydration, training, and cross training have really helped me improve lately!!! My bonus win is that I ran that half marathon pain free!! I’m sore now, but that’s ok!”

Discipline Paying Off

Congrats to Gregory T. on earning a PR in the half at the Indy500 Mini Marathon.

“Welp, proof to myself that discipline and having coaching is paying off. Ended up throwing an extra half in my training cycle a few weeks ago due to FOMO. Was planning to use it as a paced run for my marathon training, and despite the rain and crowds I managed a Half Marathon PR!!! Thanks, Angie and Trevor, and Coach Chris!!!”

Third Place in the Rain

Congrats to Jennifer K. on running a 1:42:08 in D.C.!

Rainy Women’s National half marathon in DC this morning. Course is fast and flat. Not a PR, but finished in 1:42:08, 3rd in my age group. Not bad for 3 weeks after a marathon! A little redemption for feeling disappointed in my Boston time. Thanks Coach Athena for helping me get stronger!

Back-to-back Races

Congrats to Karen M. who ran back-to-back races and earned a PR plus 3rd in her age group!

“I completed the Frederick Nutjob today which is a twilight 5k on Saturday night and then a half marathon Sunday morning. I PRed and placed 3rd in my age group at the 5k which was quite a shock. I took the half super easy since it was my second half in 8 days. 😬 I was really nervous about running in the rain for the first time but coach Nicole reassured me it would be fine and she was right, I even had fun. 😁 I listened to the latest 2 episodes of the podcast and the miles really flew by, thanks Angie and Trevor!”

PR at Long Island Half

Congrats to Kaitlyn Z. who ran 2:16:05 in New York!

Today I ran my fifth half marathon on 5/5 at the Long Island Half Marathon. This is my hometown race. Despite the rain we had, I was looking forward to achieving a new PR. And that I did, by over 6 1/2 minutes, coming in at 2:16:05. Huge thanks to Coach Dominique Hamel for helping me get this accomplished! Now onto training for the NYC Marathon in November! 🏃🏼‍♀️

3 Way Challenge Completed

Gretchen L. who completed the 3-way Challenge at the Flying Pig Marathon!

MTA Team- thanks for the inspiration and encouragement that makes the impossible suddenly possible!! 3-way Challenge at the Flying Pig complete! 10K, 5K and Half. Pushed a little too hard yesterday, paid for it today. But so fun!! Now Set my sights on the full at the Air Force Marathon in September. This is the way to celebrate the year you turn 50!

Also Congrats to . . .

-Jesse W. who ran a PR of 5:15 at the Flying Pig Marathon!

-Jana F. who achieved her goal of breaking 2 hours at the Des Moines Women’s Half!

-Foti Panagakos who finished the Pittsburgh Marathon, his 54th marathon!

-Jen W. on running her first half marathon at the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon!

-Mike E. who finished the Vancouver Half in 2:06:22!

-Dona F. who completed the Indy500 Mini Marathon!

And all the other members and coaching client we haven’t heard from yet!

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