Interview with David Clark -From Self-Described Obese Alcoholic to Ultramarathoner

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David Clark is author of the book “Out There -A Story of Ultra Recovery”

He’s a Colorado runner who’s done some of the toughest ultramarathons in the U.S. -the Leadville Trail 100 and the Badwater 135.

He’s living proof that you can change your life through.

I met David at the Leadville Trail Marathon expo in Leadville, Colorado. When I saw his before and after picture I knew I had to read the book.

Interview with David Clark


In Out There David chronicles his journey into heavy drinking, the implosion of this business empire (he co-owned a chain of furniture stores in the Denver market), and the gradual realization that’s he’s a full blown alcoholic.

At 320 pounds David decided that he needed to do something radical to transform his health. The most radical thing that he could think of was running the Denver Marathon. He decided to start with a 5k and work up from there. When he started he could only run for 20 seconds.

In this interview you will hear David speak about the positive things he repeatedly told himself as he trained for his first marathon and lost 130 pounds.

You will also hear about how he got into running ultra marathons and how he believes that most of our limits are largely self-imposed.


This year he’s returning to the Badwater 135 (grueling race across Death Valley) and the Leadville Trail 100 a few weeks later.

Superman Project -David’s website

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  1. Ricardo September 2, 2015 at 6:25 am #

    Hello folks,

    David Clark’s life worth a movie. A book fits small for him. He is an authentic superman.

    Thanks for brings us this amazing history.


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