Shout Out to MTA Coach Dominique Hamel

Here is an email we received recently from a coaching client named Gordon Pape -an architect from Toronto who completed the 2018 Chicago Marathon in 4:26:37 at the age of 58.

This kind of feedback is what get’s us fired up here at MTA! If you are considering hiring a running coach, perhaps this letter will give you an under-the-hood look at the coach/client relationship.

October 17, 2018

Dear Trevor and Angie

“You did well in matching me with Coach Dominique Hamel. I feel that she understood my goals and was able to devise a training plan which would help me achieve my objectives (PR at Chicago: done!).

My main objectives were to avoid overtraining and to arrive at my race healthy, properly rested and injury free. These were all achieved. I feel that since these objectives were achieved, I was able to successfully run my race. To this end, I give Coach Dom full credit.

Her training plan was both interesting and challenging (although sometimes I thought she wanted me dead, rather than trained!). She exposed me to different types of workouts I had never previously done and warned me that some would be very challenging, but ultimately enjoyable. I do enjoy a challenge, as one of the reasons I run is to see what my body is capable of doing.

Coach Dom also provided me with nutrition advice which worked out very well. This was the first marathon I have run without encountering GI issues.

I enjoyed her sense of humour and respected that she treated me like an adult in that results would not be expected if the work weren’t put in. I appreciated that she let the training schedule unfold week by week (rather than seeing the entire schedule up front), which kept me guessing and anticipating what her next move would be. That kept training fresh and interesting.

She also made revisions to the schedule to accommodate vacation plans and specific days which I could not train, and even made modifications when I told her that I felt a little burnt out. She made training engaging and interesting. She was understanding and encouraging when a training run went sour and would use a less-than-ideal experience to help build a positive mindset for future runs.

I liked that she did some racing herself and kept us apprised of what was going on in her life as well. It’s nice to have a coach also act as a role model.

My coaching experience was successful in virtually every aspect. I greatly appreciate everything that Coach Dom has done for me and would not hesitate to strongly recommend her.

Thank-you very much for coaching services. I am definitely a better (and smarter) runner now than I was 6 months ago, thanks to Coach Dom.”


Gordon Pape,
Toronto, Canada

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