I decided to aim for bigger goals

Congrats to our client Candis Ubiles who completed her 5th marathon after dealing with a knee injury. She writes,

“In spring of 2022, I decided to take my 20+ years of casual running to the next level after coming across MTA.

I found the podcasts to be so inspiring as well as informative and once I learned of the coaching through the MTA community, I decided to invest in a coach to prepare me for the Marine Corp Marathon in October 2022.

I was paired with Coach Lynn and was immediately inspired by her caring and thoughtful approach to coaching as well as the example she lives of someone who stays active, has accomplished so much and truly enjoys running as much as I do.

Through this relationship with Coach Lynn, a fire was lit in my life regarding running and I really tapped into what it meant to me (something she has me reflect on often). As I did this, I realized that marathon running was something I wanted in my life long term, not just as a bucket list item to check off.

I decided to aim for bigger goals

As a result, I decided to aim for bigger, more long-term goals. Coach Lynn not only crafted an individualized training plan for the Marine Corp marathon, but also supported my goal of completing 2 more races within the next 5 weeks, which earned me my Marathon Maniacs number!

I then decided to build on this and explore the United States by aiming to get into the 50 state club and have just recently finished my 5th marathon in the state of Maryland, once again with the incredible support of Coach Lynn.

This race was a comeback race of sorts because I had experienced some knee injuries that required some modifications in my training routine throughout the winter. We spent the entire training period focusing on healing and strengthening my legs by practicing a run/walk approach and incorporating specific lower body exercises.

The race came during a weekend where there was heavy rains and wind (so windy that porta potties were blown over!), yet Coach Lynn reminded me that I had run in much harder conditions previously and was prepared.

In the end, I was not only able to complete this marathon, but I completed it over an hour faster than the previous marathon!

I felt strong by the finish and more than anything, I felt grateful. Grateful for my amazing coach who I look up to so much, grateful to Angie and Trevor for following their God given purpose with MTA, and grateful for the MTA community, because it is one I have felt so at home in.

We all love running, regardless of how fast or slow. We help each other through setbacks and provide support and encouragement along the way. It’s a beautiful thing.” Candis Ubiles

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