3:12:02 Marathon at Age 51

This is an awesome email I received from a coaching client who just ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon last weekend.

“I coached myself for 17 years–and thought I was pretty good at it over the course of 3 marathons and 30+ half marathons. However, using an free online training plan for the marathon through the winter, I ended up with a 3:29 marathon at the end of March this year–well shy of the 3:25 qualifying time for a 51 year old male. And, of course, the actual time for entry needed is even faster. I made some adjustments and ran a second in mid-May, only to finish feeling weak, dizzy and in pain with a time of 3:33!

However, in just 3 months, Coach Joel helped me deliver a 17 minute PR in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and guaranteed me a place in the 2021 Boston Marathon with a 3:12:02. I must admit there were times my neighbors must have thought I was losing my faculties. Like when I was skipping backward down the sidewalk rotating my arms wildly clockwise and then counter clockwise. Or, how about running all out for 70 meters and then just standing there stock still for 2 mins and 45 seconds before repeating?! Yes, there are some seemingly crazy drills, but Coach Joel clearly knew what he was doing!!

Making it Interesting

Joel also made the runs interesting. I don’t think there was ever a run with a single pace–there were always goals within each runs to permit me to concentrate on some aspect of my running. Combine that need for concentration with listening to the MTA Podcast regularly and even my long runs went by quickly!

With Joel’s help and Angie’s advice from the podcast, I got my fueling strategy tuned up as well. There was NO WALL in the Monumental for me. In fact, I passed over 300 runners in the last 12K!

I am very grateful for Coach Joel and for you and Angie. You changed my disappointment into elation and my frustration into mental clarity.

Thanks for making me a better runner.”

John Sparzo

Thanks for the report John and super congrats on running such a blistering time last weekend! 🙌

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