The Drury Hotels

If you’ve been listening to our podcast for a while you’ve probably heard us talk about the Drury Hotel Company.

I stayed at their Pittsburgh location this month when I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon. It is one of their newer locations, a beautiful downtown building that they restored. My room was just blocks from the starting line.

Drury became our first sponsor back when we were just fledgling podcasters.

Our Official Hotel Sponsors

Drury is a family owned hotel chain with 150 locations in 25 states across the US. Their first hotel was built forty years ago in Sikeston, Missouri (where we used to live). One of the executives at the company is a long time fan of the MTA podcast and an all around running badass that does the Leadville Trail 100 every year.

The cool thing about Drury, and what makes them different from the competition, is when you stay their you get free food and drinks in the evening. It’s called the 5:30 kickback. We love it because it saves us money on food (our kids can eat a lot)!

I’ve stated at approximately 3 dozen of their locations across the U.S., they are always clean and reliable. My favorite locations are San Antonio Riverwalk, Drury Plaza New Orleans, Drury Plaza at the St. Louis Arch, Downtown Pittsburgh, Colorado Springs, Flagstaff, and Columbus, Ohio.

Get 15% off your stay and a free gift from us when you use this link:

Angie’s mom and the boys on the balcony of our room at the Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio

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