The Truth About Stretching

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Stretching after a run can reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, prevent joint injuries, and increase the muscle’s efficiency of movement (improving your overall speed, stamina, posture, balance, and form).

Stretching is also great for relaxation!

But unfortunately many runners do not have a good stretching routine. Or worse, their stretching is doing more harm than good! Continue Reading →


Interview with Bart Yasso

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Bart Yasso is the Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World magazine and author of the Book, My Life on the Run. He has completed the toughest races on the planet and influenced thousands of people to improve their lives through running.

In this interview we ask Bart about his journey as an iconic runner, training tips for beginners, the mental aspects of running a marathon, and much more.

Bart’s story will teach you to never limit where running can take you. Continue Reading →


The Growing Popularity of Running

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More and more people around the world are discovering how awesome running is for coping with stress, losing weight, staying fit, and finding new purpose in life.

Should we be surprised?

We marathoners have known all along how running can bring satisfaction to life in even the toughest times.

But now it seems our little secret is getting out! Continue Reading →


Strategies to Help You Run Faster

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runfasterRunners are a competitive breed.

Something deep inside drives us to set new personal records. Many of our listeners have asked me about how to improve their race times.

So without further ado, let’s talk about running faster!
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Sweating and Hydrating 101

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water bottleWhen I run I sweat. . . a lot!

In fact, I once had an elderly lady at the YMCA approach me and ask, “Excuse me, um I was wondering, why do you sweat so much?”

Believe it or not this was not the only time people have noticed my well fuctioning eccrine glands.

So being a recognized expert when it comes to sweat, let me tell you how to properly hydrate to keep the body’s cooling system in excellent working order.
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The Runner’s High and Why We Love It!

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Have you ever felt like you could run forever? -Like your legs are on auto-pilot while your mind disassociates from your body. You attain a higher mental state where your thoughts become clear and contemplative and the miles seem to wiz by. This is known as the runner’s high.
runner's high

Many runner’s have experienced it.

Some doubt it. . .

But I’m here to tell you that it is real.

It is scientific.

And it is awesome! Continue Reading →


Interview with Ben Greenfield

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Ben Greenfield is one of the top nutrition and fitness experts in the country. He competes in multiple triathlons each year, including the Hawaii Iron Man, and is a personal trainer, author, and host of the popular new podcast The Get-Fit Guy.

We had the opportunity to talk with Ben and ask him some key questions about nutrition for marathoners.

Many runners I talk to want to know more about the best foods for fueling the body and providing optimum support for marathon training.

Well . . . you are about to get a nutritional overhaul . . . so hang on tight! Continue Reading →


Dealing with Running Mishaps

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If you have been running for long at all, you have experienced your share of mishaps.

Black Toenails
Runner’s Trots

But there is hope! I will show you how to deal properly with these mishaps. Continue Reading →


Interview with Sheldon Spencer

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sheldonIn this episode we chat with Sheldon Spencer, the man who has had the greatest influence on Angie and I to think positively and live the active life.

Looking for a new challenge, he ran his first marathon at age 55 and has been addicted to running ever since.

This interview was recorded while we were on vacation in Washington State.

Yes, even on vacation we still work hard for the MTA community! Continue Reading →


Prepaway – 10 Ways to Pass CompTIA A+ 220-902 Exam Easily

CompTIA A+ is an important certification for the individuals who work on the technical support and IT operational roles. In order to earn this credential, the candidate should pass two foundational tests. One of them is 220-902 exam, and in this article, we will focus on how to prepare for it. The exam tests the candidates on the areas such as installation and configuration of the operating systems. The skills acquired through this certification test are networking, software troubleshooting, operational procedures, hardware and network troubleshooting, and Windows operating systems.

Exam 220-902 requires the candidates to answer 90 questions in 90 minutes. The exam includes the questions of the following types: drag-and-drop, performance-based, and multiple-choice. In order to pass the test, one must attain 700 points out of possible 900 points.
The certification exam can scare even an experienced and qualified IT professional, and that is why it is important to learn the most effective preparation techniques. However, passing CompTIA 220-902 exam should not be daunting if you use these highly effective tips:
Read the exam objectives carefully

Before you start preparing for the test, it is important to be acquainted with 220-902 exam objectives. Thus, you will get to know the key concepts of the course that you can expect to be mentioned in the questions. It is not wise to get to the exam room clueless of what CompTIA A+ certification is about and what to expect. The test objectives will help you to direct your energy towards the specific study areas and develop the most effective study approaches.

Purchase CompTIA Certification Guide
Certification guides are meant to provide the students with all the knowledge needed to ace the exams. The CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide is no exception as it gives the candidates some in-depth insights into the aspects of CompTIA A+ credential.

Make use of practice test questions
Practice tests are priceless in helping the candidates to prepare for their certification exams. Candidates will have an experience with the questions they are likely to encounter in the exam. The practice tests provide the report with the correct answers and explanations why the other choices are wrong. Setting yourself to pass CompTIA 220-902 exam with practice tests goes a long way to boost your confidence before taking the exam. There are a number of online sites such as Prepaway that provide updated 220-902 questions and answers verified by the tech experts. For example, you can use Prepaway CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Part 10 220-902 Exam Questions.

Utilize CompTIA training videos
A number of computer professionals create the useful content to help the candidates to prepare for their certification exams. A lot of training videos are available on YouTube, ExamCollection, PrepAway and the candidates should actively watch these materials. It will be very useful for you to take the short notes on key topics and keywords while watching. If there is an area of knowledge you do not feel satisfied, watch the video multiple times and ensure that you’ve caught the concept. After watching, check the information provided in the videos with those on the certification guide or any relevant textbook you use in your study.

Set up your own computer
It is advisable for the candidates preparing for CompTIA 220-902 exam to have access to a computer or printer you can use to have some hands-on experience. This is because a huge portion of CompTIA A+ Practice Test Questions 220-1002 is dedicated to the hardware. Keep it in mind and try to build your own computer. Besides the satisfaction and exhilaration achieved, one gets familiarized with the hardware and its components. In addition, the process will help you to master the key areas related to RAM, HDD, SSD, CPU, and GPU. This makes tackling the test much easier.

Establish a test lab
A well-thought test lab would contain a screen, a personal computer, and organizing segments. It might also contain router, switch, and other systems administration parts. With this fundamental set-up, you can begin practicing for 220-902. Don’t simply set-up a lab, make a proper use of it. Practice complex assignments like overclocking your CPU and turn into a specialist at BIOS administration. Utilizing a test lab will help you to set the key concepts in your mind.

Find a mentor
A mentor is someone who will take you through all the difficulties of CompTIA 220-902 exam. Try to locate a nearby tutor from a neighboring institution, data innovation field, or the Internet. A mentor becomes invaluable in setting the pace for your preparation. In addition, a good mentor will provide you with the psychological support.

Do not Panic
The main reason people fail certification exams is not because of insufficient knowledge, but because of the panic. The rooms for testing may have an intense atmosphere. Just stay calm and trust your knowledge. Remember that exam is the only platform that offers an opportunity to showcase your utmost knowledge. More importantly, you can always try again in case you fail.

Watch the time
In case you spend more than 2 minutes for a question, mark it and move to the next one. Tackle the easy questions and then get back to the hard ones later. It is not necessary to answer all the questions correctly to pass the exam. To pass the test, you need to plan your time properly.

If you will follow the tips mentioned above, you will easily ace CompTIA 220-902 exam. The most effective way to get the motivation is to look at your end goal: the certification and the chance to stir up your career. We wish you good luck with your certification exams!


Listener Questions Answered

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questionsIn this episode, I tackle questions sent in by our listening audience.

Topics discussed include:
Does running damage your joints? Is it safe to run in hot weather? What about running on the treadmill? What are some considerations for heavier runners? What should you eat before running? And some thoughts on setting and achieving fitness goals.

Check out the rest of this post to read the quick answers to these topics.
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Setting and Achieving Your Goals


Last summer I hit a slump.

My exercise routine was dull and my life seemed busy and monotinous.

After taking a trip to visit family, my sister and I decided to set some goals, set a time frame for achieving those goals, and keep each other accountable.

Some of our goals were to run a marathon in the Fall, read more inspiring books, and grow spiritually.  About once a week we checked in with each other to report our progress.

With my sister to keep me accountable, I suddenly had more motivation and enthusiasm for reaching my goals.

May is National Runner’s Month.

Now is a great time to set some running goals for the summer months. Have you been dreaming of running a 5k? How about a half marathon? Or maybe it is time to start training for a full marathon?

Let’s look at some ways to achieve your goals. Continue Reading →


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